Meet the Team

coding courses and 3D modeling for kids
Pavel Solin
Founder, CEO

Pavel is an internationally recognized expert in scientific computing, author of research monographs and K-12 textbooks, and organizer of international scientific events (research page). He is passionate about bringing equitable access to STEM computing education to all learners, especially the under-served, by providing them with technological opportunities that engage them, ignite their curiosity, and personalize & tailor their learning.

coding courses and 3D modeling for kids
Sheila Bunch
Director of Education

Sheila is a teacher dedicated to bringing STEM, including coding and 3D modeling, to all students. She worked in science, technology, engineering and mathematics for over 30 years before becoming an educator. Sheila is licensed to teach both General and Special Education. She supports teachers and develops essential resources such as lesson plans, course mappings, and alignments with common core standards and NGSS.

coding courses and 3D modeling for kids
Martin Novak

Martin is a seasoned computer scientist, software engineer, and a gifted team leader. Computers and programming became his passion as soon as he was able to type. He was designing computer games at the age of 8. Martin studied computer science and gained expert knowledge in data structures, databases, and algorithms. He is passionate about massively parallel cloud computing environments as well as for K-12 computing education.

coding courses and 3D modeling for kids
Bernard Jech
Project Manager

Bernard is an accomplished systems programmer, systems architect and database administrator with over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. He has worked at companies of various sizes from small startups to large corporations and has applied the same commitment to excellence throughout his career. Bernard’s focus is on understanding complete systems and implementing the most effective, efficient and thorough solutions consistently.