Testimonials – Parents

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Your coding class on Wednesday is the highlight of Nathan’s week. We were lucky and found a class for him to attended of Spring Break. We would love for him to be able to continue coding over the summer. Nathan was wondering if he will have online access to the program’s he is currently using in your class over the summer?  

-Mario Cisneros

Girls like my daughter Ella are not interested in creating games. She’s more motivated to create a different type of “product”. She learned more in 2 days at your camp then in her 7th grade tech class.

-Elaine Brown

Thank you so much for your solution manuals.  I am loving working with this program.  It is just right.

-Jeannie Adams

Your camp was amazing!! My son doesn’t want to put the computer down. It’s much better than his previous focus on video games. He loves the skills you have taught him!! It was a perfect end to winter break. Thank you!!

-Christine Adams

You don’t want my testimony ….know I can’t get my kids off of the computer even more! My anti-social bookworm son, is now so excited about formulating his 3-D image of a plane that he now wants to go to the computer lab to sit with his face to the screen instead of running around playing tag with his friends…. Thanks NCLab 🙂

-Megan Reder

Galen came home and worked a bit more on his programming. He is definitely hooked! He was describing the things he learned to his dad during dinner tonight, and was so animated and excited! It’s wonderful to find something to interest him besides Legos, and school is boring 🙂

-Robin Bort

Gabriel began using the program and he loved it! He got hooked very easily. Overall we love it; it’s teaching him critical thinking and just general logic. It’s great! We’re very happy with the purchase! 😀 

-Daniela Ale-Salvo

The Karel Course has been a wonderful experience for my 5th grade daughter. She is advancing her problem-solving skills and becoming well equipped for a world transformed by technology. Thank you for bringing computer science to PCY!

-Jennifer Lidar

My fourth grade son took the Karel coding class and had a wonderful introduction to computer programming. It’s a class that he looked forward to every week. He continues to ask if he can work on some course levels at home.

-Joe Kwan

The Karel Course quickly became my son’s favorite school-related activity. The challenges associated with learning coding for the first time quickly turned into a much-anticipated after-school activity thanks to the Karel Course and the sense of camraderie fostered by the parent-teachers. He is looking forward to continuing in sixth grade and beyond!

-Benedict Chun