Today’s Two-Hour CDN Outage

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Today (Wednesday April 5th) NCLab’s services were affected by an outage by our CDN provider. If you worked in NCLab between 10 am and 1 pm, then you might have noticed temporary delays, slow downs, and in extreme cases NCLab might even have become unresponsive for short periods of time. Let’s explain what happened.

What is CDN?

CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) are global networks of servers designed to speed up the delivery of Internet content. There are many CDN providers, NCLab uses CDNsun. Here is how it works:

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NCLab’s primary cloud provider is Digital Ocean (DO) whose servers are located on the U.S. East Coast. Without CDN, users on the West Coast and in other countries would experience delays caused by their large geographic distance from DO servers. The CDN network makes sure that static content such as images are cached on a large number of servers world-wide. So for example, if you are located on the West Coast, when you open a new game level, the images are not loaded from an East Coast server. Instead, the images are loaded from a CDN server located much closer to you – for example from San Francisco, LA, Seattle or Reno.

What Went Wrong?

At 10:52 am, CDNsun informed us about a problem related to their registrar. We do not have any more details than this:

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Back to Normal

The NCLab Team took an immediate action and restarted all services without CDN. After a couple of hours, CDNsun resolved their problem and even offered to provide refunds. Quite a gesture given that most probably this was not their fault.

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NCLab has not requested a refund from CDNsun. We hope that today’s outage did not caused any significant troubles to our users.

Thank you for your understanding, and Happy Computing!

Your NCLab Team