Program Success Elements

  • Foundational courses make employees Industry 4.0 ready
  • Trainees learn by doing, not by watching someone else do it
  • Browser-based training — trainees learn anywhere, anytime
  • Guidance and support are provided throughout trainees’ learning
  • All trainees need is a computer, an Internet connection, and a browser to take the training

Graduates Of Our Foundational Courses Are Positioned To Grow With Industry 4.0.

Our best-in-class self-paced Foundational Courses provide trainees with a solid automation-related foundation so that they can participate in Industry 4.0, at a time when those skills are in high demand.

Both hard and soft skills are taught and they include Computational thinking, Problem solving, Logic, Accuracy, Attention to detail, Perseverance, and Ability to overcome failure.

Training begins with a Computational Literacy course that has been successfully used throughout the world to prepare people for Industry 4.0. It is followed by other courses that include Computer Programming, Spatial Reasoning, and Computer Aided Design.

Trainees Love Our Training Approach

Our innovative and proven learn-by-doing approach gives trainees bite-sized tutoring and asks them to show that they have learned each concept by completing tasks before going on. In much the same way that an in-person instructor can help trainees when they are having difficulty with a new concept, powerful Artificial Intelligence algorithms help trainees with sophisticated contextual help in the form of hints and templates, when needed,  throughout the learning process. 

And of course, as they go through our hands-on courses, instructional staff are always available to provide timely help, when needed.


The following are detailed syllabuses for each of our Foundational Courses.


Who are these Industry 4.0 Foundational Courses for?

These courses are for workers who want to grow and are ready to put in the effort needed to do so. When they take these courses, they build foundational knowledge, practical experience, competency, and confidence to grow in an Industry 4.0 work environment.

What are the prerequisites for these courses?

A high school education is sufficient for all of these courses.

What happens when trainees complete their training?

Upon successful completion of this foundational training, trainees have acquired solid foundational knowledge, practical experience, competency, and confidence to add significant value in their daily work.