Classroom-Testing the First Fully Self-Paced 3D Modeling Course on the Web

NCLab’s new self-paced online 3D modeling course was first tested today in our afterschool program for 4-5 graders at the Roy Gomm Elementary School in Reno. Our fear that kids would find the games boring or too challenging, or that they would not like typing code, was quickly dissolved. THEY LIKED IT! Amazingly, they did not even find it too difficult. The first challenge for many of them was Tetris 3D and rotations of objects in 3D space. These games are going to be simplified tonight. Below are few photos from today.

Stacey learns how to create a torus:

Jennifer learns how to move objects in the XY plane:

Amanda learns how to rotate objects in the XY plane:

For Cole, the temptation to build stuff on his own, is just too strong to resist…