Success Elements

  • Our Career Readiness Assessment tool helps you hire the right people in the first place;
  • Our assessment tool and training programs help you retain and grow employees;
  • Our assessment tool and Data Analytics training program produce Data Analytics subject matter experts;
  • Our assessment tool and automation skills training produce great apprentices;
  • Our job-ready career training graduates are available to you at no cost.

Our Career Readiness Assessment Tool Helps You Hire The Right People In The First Place.

Are you finding it difficult to determine whether job applicants have the right attributes to fit and grow in your organization?

If so, you’ll want to know about our powerful proven Career Readiness Assessment tool that measures candidates’ ability to learn and apply new knowledge. The assessment is also unique in the way it identifies people with the right aptitude, interest, attention to detail, and perseverance to shine in your organization.

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Our Assessment And Training Programs Help You Retain And Grow Employees.

Get the best from your existing employees through skills-based training and professional development that dramatically improve performance.

We offer a powerful assessment tool and self-paced learn-by-doing training programs that upskill your employees with the ability to learn and apply new knowledge. We proudly have close to a 100% completion rate.

Our skills-based training programs are in high-demand competencies that include, among others: 

  • Automation skills training
  • Data Analytics
  • Python programming

Our Data Analytics Training Provides Your Employees Critical Data Analytics Skills.

Data Analytics has become a critical enterprise-level competency that is needed across all departments due to its ability to provide actionable insights, improve decision-making, enhance efficiency, and drive innovation.

Data Analytics can’t be learned in a few weeks by passively watching video tutorials and then doing some exercises on your own. It’s an advanced skill set which can only be mastered with a significant amount of closely supervised practice.

NCLab’s proven training method is called Instructor-Assisted Learning By Doing. Trainees learn actively from Day 1. After gaining confidence in one topic, they move to the next one. The progression has been improved and tuned for many years, and it is so smooth that they never get lost. And, they are never alone.

Because our trainees perform hundreds of mini projects under the tutelage of NCLab’s AI-based teaching platform, they become subject matter experts who help bridge the gap between complex subject matter and practical application, ensuring that your organization achieves its goals effectively and efficiently.

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Our Assessment And Automation Skills Training Produce Great Apprentices.

Apprenticeships are a key part of any enterprise, whether it is to accommodate a growing business or it is driven by an aging workforce that results in the need for replacements.

Our Career Readiness Assessment ensures that you only invest time training apprentices who have the right attributes to fill their shoes. It does this by:

  • 1. Assessing apprenticeship candidates to ensure that they have the ability to learn and apply new knowledge and that they have the right aptitude, interest, attention to detail, and perseverance to succeed;
  • 2. Optionally providing them pre-apprenticeship automation training that includes workplace math, data literacy, computational literacy, spatial reasoning, and associated electives that they will use throughout their new career.

Our Job-Ready Career Training Graduates Are Available To You At No Cost.

At NCLab, we train large numbers of Automation Technicians, Data Analysts, and Python Programmers with practice-based training that closely parallels an unpaid apprenticeship. 

Our trainees complete hundreds of mini projects under the tutelage of NCLab’s AI-based teaching platform. Beyond hard skills, trainees develop professional soft skills. That makes our graduates job-ready in a very different way than other career training programs. 

To gain access to our trainees at the time they are graduating, all you need to do is click here to register with our Employer Recruitment Portal. This service is free to all employers.

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