Are You Finding Employee Recruiting And Retention Challenging?

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Success Elements

  • We systematically assess people’s ability to learn, to apply new knowledge, and to persevere before accepting them into our training;
  • Our career training is unique in the way it provides graduates with real WORK EXPERIENCE;
  • We have an Employer Recruitment Portal that provides you free access to our graduates;
  • Open enrollment allows trainees to start anytime and go at their own pace;
  • Trainees love our active learn-by-doing approach.

Our Career Training Program Graduates Are Job-ready And Available.

At NCLab, we train large numbers of Automation Technicians, Data Analysts, and Python Programmers with competency-based training that closely parallels an unpaid apprenticeship. 

Trainees complete hundreds of mini projects under the tutelage of NCLab’s AI-based teaching platform and Coaching and Instructional Support are also provided throughout their training. Beyond hard skills, each graduate develops professional soft skills. That makes our graduates job-ready in a very different way than other career training programs. 

To gain access to our trainees at the time they are graduating, all you need to do is click here to register in our Employer Recruitment Portal. This service is free to all employers.

Our Career Readiness Assessment Helps You Hire The Right People.

Are you finding it difficult to determine whether job applicants have the right attributes to fit and grow in your organization? If so, you’ll want to know about our powerful Career Readiness Assessment that measures candidates’ ability to learn and apply new knowledge. 

Our assessment is unique in its ability to identify people with the right aptitude, interest, and perseverance to shine in your organization. That makes it radically different from traditional assessments that measure existing knowledge and interests, without considering other attributes that are necessary for them to step into an exciting future on your team. 

Click here if you’d like to learn more about the assessment.

Our Assessment and Training Programs Help You Reduce Turnover.

Employee retention is crucial for maintaining a stable, productive, and successful organization. At the forefront is investing in employee development through training and professional development. 

We offer powerful technical training programs that prepare your employees to fill important roles in your organization.  Those include:

  • Automation Technicians
  • Data Analysts
  • Python Programmers
  • Subject Matter Experts
    • SQL 
    • Data Analytics
    • Python 

Our Assessment Helps You Select Great Apprenticeship Candidates.

When it comes to your journeymen, we ensure that they only invest time upskilling apprentices who will be able to fill their shoes when their apprenticeship is complete. That is done by: 1. Assessing apprenticeship candidates’ ability to learn and apply new knowledge, and 2. Optionally providing them foundational automation hard and soft skills that they will need during their apprenticeship.

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