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Through hands-on project-based learning, students of all ages and backgrounds develop a strong portfolio of skills they to succeed in a rapidly changing, technology-focused world.

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10-year-old Adrian shares how he built his first 3D CAD design in NCLab

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Common Core Math Process • Common Core ELA • NGSS Cross-Cutting Concepts (CCC) • NGSS Science & Engineering Practice (SEP) • Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCI) Engineering Design • CSTA Standards

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Here’s why successful students love our courses:

Real, typed code from the very beginning

Real work environments don’t have “drag and drop.” All NCLab students learn true programming language with proper syntax and structure.

Accessible to every student level

Students receive immediate visual and written feedback, making advanced programming and 3D modeling easier to learn than previously imagined.

Engaging and fun

Every course is a game-based, interactive adventure that engages students at higher levels than traditional lecture-quiz formats.

Rich in math, geometry and art

NCLab courses place a strong emphasis on mathematics and serve as highly useful learning companions for algebra and geometry.

Self-paced, self-graded with certification

Courses are divided into units and levels that ensure gradual, concrete learning progression. Certificates are available for each module as well as for total courses.

Cloud based

No installation required. NCLab courses run virtually on any computer, laptop, tablet or Chromebook.

Don't take our word for granted. See what real teachers and students are saying:

Elizabeth Boyd Howard College, San Angelo, Texas

I am having too much fun with the 3D Modeling course, and I can see uses for it particularly in Developmental Math courses for students who are visual learners and possibly College algebra! Glad I went to ISTE and took the class!!

Claudia Bertolone-Smith Minden Elementary School

We are on the Karel course and the kids are LOVING it! The room is full of excited energy and thinking!!! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with kids. You are making a difference in their lives!!

Jennifer Jones Dilworth STEM Academy

Karel the Robot is an exciting and addictive computer programming game for scholars at Dilworth, it actually gets them excited about math! Doing Karel is different from the every-day computations and inquiry problems. NCLab gives scholars an idea as to what is possible for their futures.

Glenda Billingsley Las Vegas Clark county Library District

I think you guys are simply unbelievably amazing. You are the voice of relevance for libraries, community education, innovation, tech, cross generational learning and more for the 21st century!! Thank you for all you are doing. It’s mind blowing.

Valerie Warren Children’s Services Department Head

I conducted my first class last week. The next two classes are booked full. All the kids surveyed said they would continue using NCLab at home. They also liked the buttons. They all wanted their certificates printed out, and we gave them file folders for their “Coding Portfolio.” They all said they would come back for more classes as well.

Robin Bort Parent

Galen came home and worked a bit more on his programming. He is definitely hooked! He was describing the things he learned to his dad during dinner tonight, and was so animated and excited! It’s wonderful to find something to interest him besides Legos, and school is boring 🙂

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