Competency-Based, Self-Paced STEM Career Training

NCLab provides career training programs that deliver the knowledge, practical experience, competency, and confidence needed to capture high-demand Data Analyst and Python Developer jobs.

Besides colleges and universities, NCLab courses are also used at K-12 schools and public libraries in the U.S. and other countries.

At NCLab, We Are Creating and Enhancing STEM Careers

For Colleges and Universities

We are helping colleges and universities introduce proven STEM career training programs to expand their success and enhance their reputation for producing qualified and certified STEM personnel.

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For Personal Growth

We are helping people qualify for high-demand and high-paying STEM jobs. Our innovative, simple, and proven self paced training approach works for students as well as those already in the workforce looking to strengthen their personal skills.

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For Industry

We are helping Industry address the severe shortage of qualified STEM personnel. Recognizing that employees are every enterprise's most important asset, we are supporting their future growth, which is a big win not just for enterprises but also for the local and global economy.

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For K-12

It's never too early to start training and growing students in STEM skills. Those schools that embrace NCLab's training approach can give their students an early competitive edge. And K-12 students have shown that the training process is fun and successful.

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For Libraries

We are helping library visitors engage with their libraries like never before. Kids, students, adults, and seniors are significantly improving their STEM knowledge with NCLab’s innovative online courses.

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