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Bring computer programming and
3D modeling to your students using
our engaging self-paced courses!

For Parents

NCLab courses will help your child
develop confidence, critical thinking,
problem solving, and perseverance.

For Students

Do you love computers? NCLab
will teach you real-world computer
programming and 3D modeling skills.

For Makers

Write computer programs, design games
and 3D models, compute with GNU Octave,
author with LaTeX, and more!


Investing Into Your Kids’ Future

From Coding and 3D Modeling to Scientific and Engineering Applications

Karel Coding

You will love this course if you liked the Hour of Code. Help a robot find his missing friend by solving programming puzzles and typing programs in a simplified Python language! Ages 10-99

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Turtle Coding

Ready for a step up from Karel coding? In this course you will use the full Python syntax to help Turtle Tina draw patters, and extrude them to 3D-printable objects! Ages 11-99

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Python Coding

Learn Python, the leading programming language of modern engineering and science, by following the adventures of the Goonies, Harry Potter and Indiana Jones! Ages 13-99

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3D Modeling

Learn how to build your own 3D designs using Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG). Make your own 3D models, share them on the web, and export them for 3D printing! Ages 12-99

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Creative Suite

Taking NCLab courses was just the first step. Now you are ready for the real thing – write programs, create games, build 3D models, compute with GNU Octave, author with LaTeX, and much more!

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Free Resources

Download NCLab textbooks, lesson plans and student journals. Visit a gallery of 3D models created by students. Watch tutorial videos for all courses and free apps, read testimonials, and more!

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Try an Hour of Code™ with Karel the Robot

This short course consists of 18 fun programming puzzles for Karel the Robot. It should take no more than one hour of your time to get your Certificate of Completion. If you like Karel, make sure to take the full Karel programming course in NCLab!

Try NCLab Courses with 10 Students!

The complete experience on a smaller scale.

Students Love NCLab

“I have found NCLab’s Karel course to be an excellent introduction to programming. The course emphasizes logic and algorithmic thinking but conceals it in a fun and approachable game. It is better than Codecademy, Treehouse or any other commercial site I’ve found. Highly recommended!” Ravi Balsa (15)

“I really like the Karel programming system on NCLab. I like that when I type something on the command bar Karel does it. I also like the difficult challenges that some mazes have. They really make me think and I always like a challenge.” Orlando Bernabe (10)

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NCLab provides fully supported self-paced online courses in computer programming and 3D modeling – essential 21st century STEM job skills. Your students will learn on their own, you do not have to be an expert. […]


Do you want to become a game designer, architect, or engineer? NCLab’s self-paced online courses in computer programming and 3D modeling will teach you essential 21st century STEM job skills and achieve your goals. […]


NCLab’s self-paced online courses in computer programming and 3D modeling will teach your child essential 21st century STEM job skills while developing logic, critical thinking, problem solving skills, and perseverance. […]

Creative Suite

Besides self-paced online courses in computer programming and 3D modeling, NCLab provides many free computing apps based on major open source software including GNU Octave, R, LaTeX, CUDA, and much more. […]


Run Your Own NCLab Coding Club!

Operating your own NCLab coding club is a great opportunity to do what you love while earning real money. A typical NCLab computer programming and 3D modeling club meets four times a month, one hour per week. You will need to find a school that lets you use their computer lab (this is fairly easy in our experience), purchase an NCLab Classroom, and advertise your club to parents in your city. Your initial investment will be back in one or two months, depending on how much you will charge for your program. We’ll be glad to schedule a phone meeting to help you get started. Just let us know!

Adopt a School

Allow 30 students to learn computer programming and 3D modeling for one year, sponsor an after school program, or donate a 2-day NCLab camp to your school! NCLab will contribute with free teacher training, teacher support, and/or provide skilled instructors.