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Learn How to Code with Karel the Robot

The best self-paced online visual programming course
for kids. Earn karate belts along with real coding skills.

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Geometry, 3D Modeling, and CAD Design

Premier self-paced online 3D modeling course on the web.
Learn to create 3D models, and print them on a 3D printer!

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Introduction to Python Programming

Learn Python, a high-level dynamic programming
language of modern engineering and science.

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Your Free Graphing Calculator with 1000s of Cores

Plot functions, curves, and surfaces. Simplify expressions,
factor polynomials, solve equations, and much more.

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Physics is More Fun with Simulations

Simulate projectile motion without and with air friction,
draining a water tank, parallel plate capacitor, and more.

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Add Computing to Your Chemistry

Sketch molecules and compute their 3D shapes, simulate
reactions, typeset molecules in journal quality, and more.

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We're Ready for Your LaTeX Projects

Migrate your letters, papers, and presentations to NCLab,
using an intelligent one-click uploader of archives.

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Computer Methods for Advanced Math

Calculate limits, differentiate and integrate, solve ordinary
and partial differential equations, and much more.

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Use NCLab to Teach Numerical Methods

Involve your students actively in programming and computing
using Python or GNU Octave in the web browser.

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Compute on the Cloud with GNU Octave

Upload your Octave or MATLAB projects
and compute in any web browser.

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Compute in the Web Browser with Scilab

Scilab is a powerful tool for numerical computation
in advanced engineering and scientific applications.

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Compute in Python with Scipy

SciPy is a Python-based library for advanced computing
in mathematics, science, and engineering.

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Parallel GPU Programming with Nvidia CUDA

Learn parallel GPU programming with Nvidia CUDA
without having to buy expensive graphic cards.

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Create Finite Element Solvers with Hermes

Hermes2D is a C++ library for rapid development of adaptive
hp-FEM / hp-DG solvers, wrapped in Python.

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Engineering Simulations of Elasticity

Sketch an object, apply displacements and/or forces to its
boundary, and calculate deformations and stresses inside.

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Engineering Simulations of Electrostatics

Sketch an object, apply voltages and/or surface charges,
and calculate the distribution of the electric potential.

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Obtain Numerical Solutions of Linear PDE

Use the Finite Element Method to solve general
linear 2nd-order PDE with constant coefficients.

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Brace Yourself, More Is Coming!

Sneak peek of our TODO list.

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STEM Courses

NCLab provides fully supported self-paced online STEM courses in computer programming and 3D modeling for K-12 students and home schoolers.

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Free Apps

NCLab provides a number of basic and advanced cloud apps based on great open source software in various areas of science, technology, engineering, and math.

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Events & News

PLaSM Language Change

Apr 4, 2014: While improving the NCLab's self-paced 3D Modeling course, we decided to change the order of arguments in the ROTATE command in PLaSM. Read more »

Preview of New Karel Course

Apr 1, 2014: Stay tuned, a new version of the self-paced Karel programming course is coming at the end of April. See how the new games will look like! Read more »

NCLab is Hiring!

Apr 1, 2014: Become part of a project that is changing K-12 education in the U.S. and worldwide, by giving schools access to awesome computing resources. Read more »

Test Yourself!

Mar 25, 2014: Check your critical thinking and systematic problem solving skills - take our free online test! Read more »