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Prepare your students for the 21st century.
NCLab teaches coding and 3D modeling in a fun
yet rigorous way. Your students' math scores will
go through the roof. You will love the difference!

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Attract more kids and adults to your library.
Very few schools teach coding and 3D modeling
today, despite the large demand. Offer NCLab
courses, and kids and adults will come running!

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Help your child become a confident problem solver.
NCLab's coding and 3D modeling courses will teach your
child how to solve problems, persevere, and make the
right decisions.

For Work

NCLab gives you free access to an ocean of great
software including several programming languages,
3D modeling, scientific computing with GNU Octave
and Scipy, authoring with LaTeX, and much more.


Welcome to Your Network Computing Lab!

Explore your personal Virtual Desktop with many free computing apps and an award-winning curriculum that teaches coding,
3D modeling, and other STEM and advanced manufacturing skills. Designed for schools, public libraries, and homeschoolers.

coding courses and 3D modeling for kids

Karel the Robot

Introductory Coding

In 225 game levels, this course provides a thorough introduction to computer programming for both K-12 students and adult learners. It also teaches logic, critical thinking, problem solving and perseverance – soft skills which are in high demand by employers. Ages 10-99. More…

coding courses and 3D modeling for kids

Python I

Intermediate Coding

Students are introduced to Python coding by drawing geometric patterns with the Python Turtle. They learn how to format Python code, and how to use variables, loops and functions. They will create their own designs and export them for laser cutting and 3D printing. Ages 11-99. More…

coding courses and 3D modeling for kids

Python II

Advanced Coding

This course covers all key concepts of the Python programming language, and applies them to solve realistic programming projects related to modern computing technologies including bar codes and QR codes, bitmap and vector image formats, cryptography, and others. Under revision.

coding courses and 3D modeling for kids

3D Modeling

Constructive Solid Geometry

Targeted at both K-12 students and adult learners, this game-based course teaches Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG). It puts emphasis on developing strong geometry and math foundations. Students become ready to quickly transition to leading commercial products including AutoCAD, Solidworks and others. Ages 12-99. More…

coding courses and 3D modeling for kids

Instructor Resources

Your Home for Course Materials

Visit the Instructor Resources page to preview NCLab textbooks and download lesson plans, pacing guides and student journals. You will find there video tutorials, including how to get started with NCLab, how to teach the Karel Coding course, how to track the progress of your students and manage their accounts, and more!

coding courses and 3D modeling for kids

Creative Suite

Create with Open Source Software

The Creative Suite provides free computing tools based on quality and widely used open source software.  It allows you to write programs in multiple languages, use computer algebra systems (CAS), create 3D models with PLaSM and OpenSCAD, compute with GNU Octave and R, author documents with LaTeX, and more.

Testimonials from teachers, parents and students (9 mins)
Watch additional video testimonials here!

10-year-old prodigy Adrian explains how he learned 3D modeling
with NCLab in order to complete a science project (2 mins).

coding courses and 3D modeling for kids

Learn Coding with Karel the Robot and Python:
Try an Hour of Code with NCLab!

Learn coding with Karel the Robot by solving 15 fun mazes. It should take no more than one hour of your time. If you like Karel, we have a full course with 175 game levels for you!


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“I have found NCLab’s Karel course to be an excellent introduction to programming. The course emphasizes logic and algorithmic thinking but conceals it in a fun and approachable game. It is better than Codecademy, Treehouse or any other commercial site I’ve found. Highly recommended!” Ravi Balsa (15)

“I really like the Karel programming system on NCLab. I like that when I type something on the command bar Karel does it. I also like the difficult challenges that some mazes have. They really make me think and I always like a challenge.” Orlando Bernabe (10)

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coding courses and 3D modeling for kids

Run Your Own NCLab Coding Club!

Allow more students to learn coding with Karel the Robot and Python, 3D modeling and computing! Operating your own NCLab coding club is a great opportunity to do what you love while earning real money. A typical NCLab computer programming and 3D modeling club meets four times a month, one hour per week. You will need to purchase an NCLab Classroom License. Your initial investment will be back in one or two months, depending on how much you will charge for your program. We’ll be glad to schedule a phone meeting to help you get started. Just let us know!

coding courses and 3D modeling for kids
coding courses and 3D modeling for kids

Adopt a School

Allow 30 students to learn coding with Karel the Robot and Python, 3D modeling and computing! Sponsor a classroom, an after school program or donate a 2-day NCLab camp to your school! NCLab will contribute with free teacher training, teacher support, and/or provide skilled instructors.

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