We Create A Growth Path For People Who Can And Want To Grow.

Commit to Learning 10 Hours Per Week, and
Get A High-Pay Job In As Little As 6 Months.

Experience NCLab’s signature competency-based training method which is far superior to MOOCs, bootcamps, and traditional college instruction. Earn an industry-recognized certification that matters, and switch to your dream job – much faster and for a fraction of the cost of a traditional college.

You will learn by doing, at your own schedule, while being able to keep your current job. Your personal coach and our team of expert instructors will work with you diligently for the entire duration of your training, to guarantee your success. Your success is our passion. Our graduation and job placement rates are close to 100%.

Since 2010, NCLab has built partnerships with major U.S. employers including banks, airlines, healthcare providers, insurance companies, car makers, streaming entertainment service companies, and state and federal-level government organizations who actively recruit NCLab graduates.

For Individuals

We provide individuals with the knowledge, practical experience, competency, and confidence needed for high-paying jobs.

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For Training Vendors

We partner to prepare individuals for high-paying jobs, at a time when demand for qualified individuals far outstrips supply.

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For Employers

We help employers deal with recruiting, upskilling, and reskilling efforts.

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For Workforce Development

We help workers to step into high-demand 21st century jobs and careers.

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For Career Schools

We partner to make students career and job-ready, at a time when demand for qualified individuals far outstrips supply.

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For Libraries

We transform Libraries into vibrant hubs where kids, students, adults, and seniors significantly expand their STEM knowledge.

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