Applied Python

Intro to computer programming

Course Description

In this 80-hour hands-on project-based course trainees first learn how to work on a remote Linux server via ssh using Vim and Bash. Then they learn how to use a desktop IDE, and how to use Git and Github. After that they complete several projects under the supervision of an NCLab tutor, gaining proficiency in event-driven programming and client-server programming. 


This course has Advanced Python as a prerequisite.

Learning Outcomes

Trainees will be able to:

  • Generate and use private and public ssh keys.
  • Work on a remote Linux server via ssh using Vim and Bash.
  • Use Git and Github.
  • Develop software with a desktop IDE.
  • Plan and execute a large software project.
  • Write tests and ensure software quality.
  • Write event-driven programs.
  • Install Docker and work with Docker images.
  • Write a client-server application with Python backend.
  • Create and use Jupyter notebooks.

Equipment and Software Requirements

Computer, laptop or tablet with Internet access, web browser, and email. Free Python IDE such as Eric, Pyzo, Spyder, PyCharm or Eclipse. Free Github user account.

Course Structure and Length

Applied Python is designed to take approximately 80 hours. Since the course is self-paced, the amount of time required to complete the course varies from trainee to trainee.