Intensive Short Course with Elements of Computing

Introduction to Python

Intensive Short Course with Elements of Computing

This self-paced course is designed to get students up to speed with Python in 40-60 hours, based on their ability level. The course is 100% hands on – students watch videos, read short tutorials, view examples, run demo programs, and then write their own programs to solve simple tasks. NCLab courses have been developed and tuned since 2012, and we know that this is the most efficient method to help students learn Python in the shortest possible time. Given that most applications of Python are in Data Science, Machine Learning and related areas, this course includes elements of computing. However, it focuses on the programming side of things rather than on math.


Knowledge of high school math is sufficient to complete, however, the course is fairly intensive. For students that find it too challenging, our Introduction To Programming For Industry 4.0 course provides a more relaxed introduction to Python.

Next Step:

After completing Introduction to Python, students continue their Python Career Training with Advanced Python.