Program Success Elements

  • Our training programs help make employees Industry 4.0 ready
  • Our Foundational Courses help employees take on new roles
  • Our Career Training Programs dramatically upskill employees
  • Browser-based coursework — trainees learn anywhere, anytime
  • Guidance and support is provided throughout trainees’ learning
  • All trainees need is a computer and an Internet connection


Industry 4.0 Is A Great Opportunity For Workers

Industry 4.0 is happening. While many jobs are being replaced by automation, there’s a whole new world of higher paying jobs opening up for workers who are willing to put in the effort to learn and grow in this new world.

We at NCLab provide a free powerful assessment tool that identifies employees who are well-suited to learn and grow and we provide them self-paced training programs that make them more valuable employees. 

Our training programs are available as stackable credential Foundational Courses that teach Computational thinking, Problem solving, Computer programming, and Visual-Spatial reasoning skills; and as full Career Training programs that produce job-ready Data Analysts and Python Programmers.  

We partner with Colleges and Universities, Employers, High Schools, Libraries, and Workforce Development Initiatives to deliver our training programs.

Trainees Love Our Hands-On Training

Trainees love our hands-on training with instant assessment because it gives them both a feeling of accomplishment and the confidence needed to go out and apply their new knowledge.

Our training doesn’t consist of a set of lectures followed by unguided work assignments, as is the case with all other web-based training programs.

Instead, our proprietary Artificial Intelligence-based tutor delivers trainees bite-sized knowledge that is immediately followed by hands-on exercises, during which the AI-tutor watches their every step and helps them with contextual help, hints, and templates, as needed; and a personally-assigned instructor is always there to help.


Who are NCLab training programs for?

Our self-paced training programs are for workers who want to grow in this new automation-based economy and for workers who are looking for new careers in high-demand occupations. 

What are the prerequisites for taking your training programs?

A high school education is sufficient for all of our training programs.

What makes NCLab training unique?

To begin with, NCLab has powerful assessment tools that determine which employees are well-suited to learn and grow.

Assessment is followed by self-paced training that can be successfully completed by people with minimal formal education because NCLab courses do not assume that trainees have the knowledge of all the prerequisites which they should have. Instead, topics are reviewed and taught as needed based on the trainees’ individual backgrounds.

NCLab training programs combine carefully designed short bite-sized hands-on tutorials with practical tasks which are automatically graded by the platform, providing the trainees with immediate feedback. Trainees are not allowed to move on to the next concept until they have proven mastery of the current one.

What else should I know about these programs?

Under our “Foundational Courses” tab, you’ll learn how our foundational courses prepare employees to have significant added value to their employers. Both hard and soft skills are taught and they include Computational thinking, Problem solving, Logic, Accuracy, Attention to detail, Perseverance, and Ability to overcome failure.

Under our “Data Analytics” tab, you’ll learn about our Data Analyst Career Training program and how it prepares trainees to be fully-qualified Data Analysts, at a time when employers find it very difficult to recruit them on the open market;

Under our “Python Dev” tab, you’ll learn about our Python Developer Career Training program and how it prepares employees to become fully-qualified Python Programmers, at a time when employers find it very difficult to recruit them on the open market.


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