Karel, Turtle and 3D Modeling Courses Upgraded

We are pleased to announce that, after several months of work, new versions of the Karel, Turtle and 3D Modeling courses were finally released. The original Karel, Turtle and 3D Modeling courses will remain available until the end of June 2017.


The game levels in the new courses remained almost intact, because not many changes were requested by teachers. An important addition are quizzes. Now there is a quiz at the end of every section (after ca. 7 game levels). The quizzes are related to the contents of the current section and they contain various types of questions including true/false questions, multiple choice questions, free answer questions and code completion questions. They are graded automatically.

Creative Projects (Performance Tasks)

At the end of every section students will find a creative project where they can apply what they learned to create their own Karel mazes and games, their own Turtle designs, or their own 3D models. The projects come with detailed instructions and many examples where students can find inspiration. We expect that these projects will evolve and become more elaborate and thematically richer with time. Themes for the projects include Castles, Travels, Tangrams, Minecraft, Games, Sports, Lego, Furniture, and others. Here are three sample Minecraft designs: