Meet Brian Crosby

Today I met with Brian Crosby, former teacher who is now the technology coordinator for the Washoe County School District. What an awesome guy! I had no idea who he was. He was on TED two times:

Watch the two videos shown on the right. He was totally impressed with NCLab. Understood the main difference between Scratch and Karel, understood the difference between PLaSM and a standard CAD system. He will help us get NCLab to more schools in WCSD.

He really likes kids to meet and collaborate online, look for example at this video:


We talked about collaborative 3D modeling where kids from different parts of Nevada and the world will be building 3D models together, or programming together. Like in Minecraft, except they will be working with a real 3D modeling software!

He is extremely interested in these things as I am. It was a pleasure to talk with him. He will organize regular teacher training sessions with NCLab that I will do for teachers in WCSD. This looks like the start of a good collaboration.