We Provide The Practical Experience That Well Over 95% Of Data Analyst and Python Developer Job Openings Require.


Employers who are hiring Data Analysts and Python Developers expect them to have Practical Experience so that they can be productive from the day that they start their employment. This is where NCLab career training shines since it uses a learn-by-doing platform that makes trainees actively practice what they are learning, to the point that they are job-ready Data Analysts and Python Developers when they complete their training. 

This is quite different than other career training programs in which trainees spend the vast majority of their time watching and reading rather than doing. In much the same way that medical students who study to become surgeons need to get experience and not just watch videos and read manuals, Data Analysts and Python Developers need to practice what they are learning during their training in order to be job-ready, upon graduation.

NCLab courses can only accomplish this task because they have taken thousands of hours to build and because they are presented through a powerful learn-by-doing platform that has also taken many thousands of hours to develop. In contrast, video-based courses are typically created in a few dozen hours.

We are not aware of any other Data Analyst or Python Developer career training program that offers this kind of learn-by-doing approach.


How Tainees Acquire Practical Experience In NCLab Training Programs

It is only because NCLab uses a powerful proprietary learn-by-doing AI-based platform that it can deliver Practical Experience as part of its training. With that platform, trainees are active participants rather than passive participants who listen to lectures and watch videos.  They have a feeling of accomplishment and our surveys show conclusively that trainees love to learn this way.

Following are the key attributes of the NCLab career training programs:

Bite-Sized Lessons and Immediate Self-Assessment

Short bite-sized lessons are followed by immediate self-assessment exercises, which ensure that trainees get practice using what they have learned before moving on. Success is assured if they are willing to put in the effort to do the required work.

AI-Based Adaptive Feedback

Artificial Intelligence algorithms allow trainees to learn by doing and to see the results of their problem solving on an immediate basis. In much the same way that an in-person instructor can help an individual trainee that is having difficulty with a new concept, these powerful algorithms help trainees with sophisticated adaptive feedback throughout their learning process.

Verified Learning LMS 

A built-in Verified Learning Learning Management System records all trainee learning activities and confirms that trainees have thoroughly learned the subject matter and have gathered sufficient Practical Experience to qualify for job openings. The information that the LMS collects helps support personnel understand where trainees are when they need assistance, and it also helps course developers identify places where the courses can be improved. 

A Creative Suite Where Trainees Create and Share Portfolio Artifacts

Trainees have access to a powerful Creative Suite, where they can create their own projects and work through them to come up with solutions and save their results for later retrieval and sharing.