Practical Experience Is A Key Benefit Of NCLab Training

NCLab’s self-paced learn-by-doing Data Analytics training is perfectly suited for STEM career training as it provides students with practical experience, competency, and confidence, alongside knowledge required to qualify for STEM jobs. That is very different than traditional training that leaves graduates with knowledge but without the practical experience, competency, and confidence needed to qualify for STEM job openings.

Students love NCLab’s self-paced Learn-By-Doing training method because it keeps them engaged while making them job-ready.

Acquiring Practical Experience With NCLab’s Learning-By-Doing

Five key components of the NCLab’s self-paced Learn-By-Doing training method make it possible for students to accumulate the knowledge, practical experience, competency, and confidence needed to qualify for available jobs. They are:

Short Lessons, Combined With Frequent Real-Time Self-Assessment

Short bite-sized lessons are followed by immediate self-assessment quizzes, which ensure that students gain confidence with each new concept before moving on. Student surveys show conclusively that students love to learn this way. Success is assured if a student is willing to put in the effort to do the required work.

Realtime AI-Based Progress Monitor

An integral part of all NCLab training is an AI-based Progress Monitor that allows students to learn by doing and to see the results of their problem solving on an immediate basis. In much the same way that an in-person instructor can help an individual student that is having difficulty with a new concept, powerful AI-based algorithms help students with sophisticated adaptive feedback throughout the learning process.

Verified Learning LMS (Learning Management System)

A built-in Verified Learning LMS system records all student learning activities and confirms that students have thoroughly learned the subject matter and have done sufficient practical exercises to qualify for job openings. The information that the LMS collects helps support personnel understand where students are when they need assistance, and it also helps course developers identify places where the courses can be improved. As a result, all courses are continuously being improved as part of NCLab’s Continuous Quality Improvement process.

Assistance By Subject-Matter Experts

Students are never alone in their learning. At any time, they can interact with subject-matter experts to get help. Support personnel are immediately cognizant of the progress of the student and where they are having difficulty and can help. All support activities quickly feed back into the course development process.

A Creative Suite Where Students Create and Share Portfolio Artifacts

NCLab’s training platform is more than self-paced courses. Students have access to a powerful Creative Suite, where they can create their own portfolio of problem sets and work through them to come up with solutions and save their results for later retrieval and sharing.


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