Reno’s Got Talent! – Awesome Programmers, 6 Years Old

The last two days of NCLab Summer Camps 2014 in Reno were mind-blowing. It is unbelievable how much the kids learned and were able to accomplish with NCLab in just two short days. See for yourself.

Beating the Spiders

Tracy beats the Spiders. Here, Karel needs to collect spiders in the jungle to buy himself a free passage through Scorpions in the next game level. This level requires mastery of the counting loop and if-else conditions (Yellow Belt 3rd Degree). But besides that – notice the sheet of paper where Tracy planned her algorithm and wrote the program before implementing it. No one told her to do that & this is how professional programmers do it to be most efficient.

Priya’s Rocket

Do you find my rocket to be rather simple? No it’s not – I am 6 years old and I coded it all by myself. I used translations, rotations, a sphere, two cones, and four truncated cones. And RGB colors.

Pyramids, River, and Sunny Skies

This might be the only CAD model of its kind – and I doubt that any engineer or architect would create sky with clouds and the Sun over Egyptian pyramids. I only added three side-arms to hold the sky above the ground. Everything else Rihanna coded herself – at 9 years of age.

Skateboard with Moving Wheels

Zack is 10. His skateboard will be printed in one piece and the wheels will freely rotate.

Operational Ray Gun

This ray gun will be printed as one piece, and it will turn freely based on a spherical joint. Do not give these tools to kids, unless you are ready to feel very humble in a very short time!

Beating Nested Loops

Nested loops are a significant step up for most kids (and adults). Alyssa does not have a problem with them, they’re her friends – at 6 years of age.

Computer Desk Model

Ryan created a realistic model of his computer desk at home.

From Zero to Recursion in Two Days

You are looking at the game Bakery in the Karel course. David is not six anymore but his progress makes him a legend – starting with no computer skills yesterday, he completed 70 of 77 games in the Karel course today. No one did that before. My guess is that while I am writing this blog, he already has his Black Belt Second Degree and is tackling Extras and Bonuses. These include classic extreme problems such as the famous Eight Queen Problem, Bubble Sort Algorithm, and others.