Selecting The Right Training Program Is Worth The Effort

Given the number of available offerings, the selection process may appear daunting but comparing the characteristics of the various offerings will quickly narrow the options. Below are ten characteristics that we think you should carefully consider in your selection process.

Will the training get me a job?

If this is a major concern to you, you need to keep in mind that well over 95% of job openings require prior experience so the question you need to ask any training organization is whether they will provide you the needed practical experience.

We at NCLab are all about providing you the practical experience that you need to qualify for job openings. All learning is interactive. That makes our training very different from all other career training programs that we know of. Our hands-on training is only possible because each of our college-level courses has taken thousands of hours to create and because the training is presented through a powerful Artificial Intelligence-based platform rather than through more traditional lectures.

Our proprietary Artificial Intelligence-based platform delivers you bite-sized knowledge that is immediately followed by hands-on exercises, during which the platform watches your every step and helps you with contextual help, hints, and templates, as needed.

You are assigned a personal tutor who:

  • Meets with you once a month virtually, telephonically, or through email;
  • Reviews your progress weekly;
  • Is available to you, as needed, throughout your training;
  • Provides you a professional reference to employers, upon graduation.

As a side note, some Python Developer training programs guarantee you a job as justification for their price. Do read the disclaimers in the guarantee. We believe that the best guarantee of you getting a job is having the knowledge, experience, competency, and confidence needed to get the job and not a piece of paper with endless disclaimers.

How much does the training cost?

There’s a wide range of pricing for Python Developer training. It would be great if you could determine the value of the training based on the price charged but that is clearly not the case.

Our college and university partners have priced our training aggressively while ensuring that we deliver a high value product to our trainees. Some people ask us how our training can be so inexpensive; it is in large part because we spent years building an artificial intelligence-based instructional platform and detailed hands-on courses, to the point that we only need minimal instructional resources to make you qualified and job-ready. Our continuous quality improvement process only makes things better and better over time.

Who is the training targeted at?

You'll want to look closely at prerequisites when selecting a training program because many Python Developer training programs are targeted at individuals with a strong math background, prior programming experience, and/or a certain level of formal education.

Our Python Developer career training program is unique in the way its prerequisites are about motivation and willingness to work hard, rather than on your credentials. That is only possible because our training program incorporates foundational training for people who need or want it, and it is free.

No matter what your credentials are, our training will provide you with the knowledge, practical experience, competency, and confidence to get a high-demand Python Developer job.

How is the training done?

Are you one of those people who learns best by doing? Over and over, people tell us that they need to do it themselves to retain new knowledge. They've often taken lecture-based courses and want to start over at square one because they feel they have not grasped the material to the point that they can make use of it. If you are one of those people, you’ll want to look closely at how the training is done.

All of our training is hands-on. Our innovative and proven Artificial Intelligence-based Learn-By-Doing training platform gives you bite-sized lessons and asks you to show that you have learned each concept by completing tasks and projects before going on.

Tasks and projects are not about dropping you at the deep end of the pool and expecting you to swim. Rather, realtime artificial intelligence-based contextual assistance is there to help you. That help includes analyzing your work and providing guidance, hints, and even templates, as appropriate. A personally assigned tutor is also there to oversee your progress and provide assistance.

Trainees love our hands-on training with instant assessment because it gives them both a feeling of accomplishment and the confidence needed to go out and apply their new knowledge.

Can I learn anywhere, anytime?

Is your schedule unpredictable and subject to unplanned changes? If so, you’ll want to look closely at how the training you will be taking is done because you could easily find yourself missing key learning sessions due to scheduling conflicts and other commitments.

All of our training is self-paced so that you'll never miss a lesson because of other commitments. This is particularly attractive for people in the workforce who have to work around their employers’ and family commitments and responsibilities.

Is a bootcamp the right approach for me?

If you're in a position to spend full time getting career trained, a bootcamp could be the right approach for you as it will get you there in the shortest time possible.

Keep in mind that the pace of learning is individual but that bootcamps don't take that into consideration. Rather, they are on a fixed schedule and, as a result, everyone is expected to go at the same pace.

That’s not the case with NCLab because our training program is self-paced and that means that you set your pace and never get left behind.

We do an intake assessment before you start your training and we discuss your background and aspirations and learn about your work habits. From there, we set realistic expectations about the time you’ll be able to devote to your learning. Of course, you can change your pace at any time because you are always in control.

When you get done with your training, you will be job-ready because you will have gathered the knowledge, experience, competency, and confidence needed to be a Python Developer, no matter what pace you chose to get the training done.

Will I be able to successfully complete the training?

This is a question that individuals who are interested in taking our career training program often ask us, given online training's poor track record. Interestingly, while less than 10% of all online classes are completed, our completion rate is close to 100%. We believe that it is the manner in which online training is done that gives it a bad reputation. Trainees are typically fed information in the form of lectures and then left on their own to complete projects, without ready access to assistance and that is a sure formula for failure.

At NCLab, you are never left alone to complete projects. Rather, our AI-based learning platform and tutors are with you throughout your training. Our learning platform watches you doing exercises and guides and assists you, based on its observation of your progress. On your behest, it provides help in the form of hints and templates. Your personally assigned tutor also oversees your progress and gets involved when you need help. This makes us very different from other online training programs.

The bottom line is that you will successfully complete our training if you are committed and put in the required effort.

How long will my training take?

The length of time it takes to complete the training is an indicator of how much the training teaches you. 80 and 120-hour programs will not make you an experienced Python Developer, no matter what a vendor says. To be a qualified experienced Python Developer, you need to master both data handling and programming tools and there are no shortcuts.

At NCLab, we make you do 240 to 320 hours of hands-on work to get there, depending on whether you have a programming background or not. Our training is very much like an apprenticeship without pay because you are getting on-the-job experience and, when you get done, you have both the knowledge and the practical experience needed to get a great job.

What support will I get?

To get you to the point that you have sufficient practical experience, it's important that your training program be more than a series of lectures and homework.

At NCLab, you are assigned a personal tutor and you are never alone in your learning. At any time, you can interact with your tutor to get help, and because we use a very sophisticated learning management system, your tutor knows exactly where you are having difficulty and quickly helps get you back on track.

What certificate will I receive on completion?

Our college and university partners provide graduates with a Python Developer Career Certificate. It shows prospective employers how many hands-on hours you’ve spent mastering your skill set and what you have learned and become proficient at during your hands-on training.

Beyond a career certificate, we at NCLab influence potential employers and placement agencies to get you one of those great Python Developer jobs, using our in-depth knowledge of your qualifications and capabilities, upon the completion of your training.

In Summary

Your training is your path to a very bright future. We at NCLab will stop short of nothing to make sure that we make that happen for you. We are committed to providing you with the necessary knowledge, practical experience, competency, and confidence to get you there. Much success as a Python Developer!

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