Overview of Python Developer Training

Trainees who have sufficient prior experience in computer programming go directly to Python Fundamentals (80 hours) a comprehensive course where they learn Python by solving programming problems of gradually increasing complexity, ranging from simple calculations, working with text strings, loops, conditions, and variables, to file operations and data visualization. This course also teaches fundamentals of Computer Science which every software developer should know.

If, on the other hand, trainees have little or no prior experience with computer programming, then they begin the Python Developer Career Training Program with Introduction to Computer Programming (80 hours). This powerful visual course transforms the way they think. In computer programming, correct algorithmic (computational) thinking is way more important than the knowledge of a particular programming language. This course unlocks their computer programming potential, and makes it easy for them to learn Python.

The Python Developer Career Training continues with Advanced Python (80 hours) where trainees learn object-oriented programming and selected advanced concepts including ternary operators, anonymous lambda functions, filters, maps, decorators, JSON, concurrency, event-driven programming, elements of computing, and basics of working with data.

After completing the required coursework, trainees need to perform a Capstone Project (40 hours) under the supervision of an NCLab instructor in order to graduate and obtain a career certificate.


Following are detailed syllabuses for each course in the Python Developer Career Training program. The level of detail covered in each of the self-paced interactive courses ensures that trainees are fully qualified to apply for Python Developer job openings.


What Our Trainees Say About Us

I love my new job!

“My boss encouraged me to take the training and now I’m really glad I did because I’m now doing data analytics work full time.” L.L.

Superb way to learn

“I really enjoyed the online/modular format of this course. The material was presented clearly and concisely and allowed me to focus longer on concepts that were difficult, while glancing over concepts I was already familiar with.” A.C.

This is how I like to learn

“This is how I like to learn, at my own pace. I like the bite-sized tutorials and I feel a real sense of accomplishment when I complete the exercises that follow them.” M.J.

Great training!

“I watched videos, read short tutorials, viewed examples, ran demo programs, and then performed exercises that demonstrated my comprehension of the subject matter.” S.L.

The training is really great!

“Not easy but really informative. Practical experience was what I wanted and I feel that I got it.” F.Z.

The program is great

“I cannot compliment enough any training that involves students actually working on the problems rather than just listening.” A. S.