Karel Coding

Powerful Visual Introduction to Computer Programming

Karel Coding

Powerful Visual Introduction to Computer Programming

Computer programming is something that can be learned, same as reading, writing or playing a musical instrument. In fact it’s simpler than that. About 90% of computer programming  is planning, problem solving, and perseverance. Only 10% is about mastering a concrete programming language such as Python, C/C++ or Java. This course will teach you the 90%. At the end you will have acquired the mindset and skills of a successful programmer. You will be ready to learn any advanced programming language quickly.

There is a reason why pilots first learn with a flight simulator, before entering the cockpit of a real plane. For the same reason, this course uses an educational programming language called Karel the Robot. This legendary programming language is simplified Python: It uses simple English commands such as “go”, “left”, “right”, “get”, “put”, “repeat”, “if”, “while” etc. which allows students to focus on developing algorithmic and problem solving skills which are a crucial prerequisite for success in computer programming.

At the beginning of the course, students guide a robot using simple commands in English:

Later, students learn how to use loops:

Soon, students are able to write advanced programs for the robot to navigate complex mazes:

Average completion time: 60 hours.

225 game-based levels, 25 quizzes, 25 projects.

Average student age: 14, minimum age: 6, maximum age: 85

More than 1M students in 60 countries have completed this course to-date.

Skills You Will Master

  • Computational thinking
  • Logic and problem solving
  • Clean and effective code writing
  • Counting (repeat) loop, nested loops
  • Conditional (if-else) statements
  • Conditional (while) loop
  • Defining and using custom commands
  • Using functions that return a value
  • Using local and global variables
  • Basic operations with Python lists
  • Designing recursive algorithms
  • Solving advanced problems
  • Running and debugging programs

Other Features

  • The course comes with a Lesson Plan, Pacing Guide, Solution Manual for Instructors, 300-page textbook, 25 quizzes, 25 coding projects, student journals, and other Instructor Resources.
  • NCLab provides a Karel Coding App where students can create their own projects and games, save them in their NCLab user account, and share with others online.
  • The course is aligned with Common Core Math Content and Practice Standards, Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), Crosscutting Concepts, Science & Engineering Practice (SEP) and Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCI) with an emphasis on Engineering Design, and CSTA/CS for All Computer Science Standards.

See what students and teachers are saying about this course:

Claudia Bertolone-Smith Minden Elementary School

We are on the Karel course and the kids are LOVING it! The room is full of excited energy and thinking!!! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with kids. You are making a difference in their lives!!

Jennifer Jones Dilworth STEM Academy

Karel the Robot is an exciting and addictive computer programming game for scholars at Dilworth, it actually gets them excited about math! Doing Karel is different from the every-day computations and inquiry problems. NCLab gives scholars an idea as to what is possible for their futures.

Rosa McVey Student

The Karel course works differently from Scratch – it has all the fun but gives me the real programming skills I need for Python and C++ programming.

William Jordan Teacher

I tell all my robotic teacher colleagues how great Karel is with introducing students to coding for their robotic classes.

Bill Jordan Mont'Kiara International School

I love using Karel from NCLab in my middle school STEM (MYP Design) robotics course in Kuala Lumpur. My students learn coding in NCLab and then, after each lesson, they make a game to share with each other. They love being authors of games after each daily lesson. It is way cool to learn logical programming skills using Karel in NCLab and then transition to building real robot prototypes. Karel is a fantastic online programming class with all the support material to make a teacher’s life easy and enjoyable.

Craig Ham Westminster Schools of Augusta

Our school has been using NCLab’s Karel Coding course for many years, and we have been very happy with it. One of the unique features of Karel that our students love is the ability to create their own games as they are given full access to the pallets of Obstacles, Treasures and Bad Items. For teachers the data reports generate volumes of details for each unit, to include time spent, number of attempts, level scores and quiz scores. I can’t speak highly enough of this method of introducing beginners to computer programming.

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