Karel Coding

Powerful Visual Introduction to Computer Programming

Karel Coding

Powerful Visual Introduction to Computer Programming

Computer programming is something that can be learned, same as reading, writing or playing a musical instrument. In fact it’s simpler than that. About 90% of computer programming¬† is planning, problem solving, and perseverance. Only 10% is about mastering a concrete programming language such as Python, C/C++ or Java. This course will teach you the 90%. At the end you will have acquired the mindset and skills of a successful programmer. You will be ready to learn any advanced programming language quickly.

There is a reason why pilots first learn with a flight simulator, before entering the cockpit of a real plane. For the same reason, this course uses an educational programming language called Karel the Robot. This legendary programming language is simplified Python: It uses simple English commands such as “go”, “left”, “right”, “get”, “put”, “repeat”, “if”, “while” etc. which allows students to focus on developing algorithmic and problem solving skills which are a crucial prerequisite for success in computer programming.

At the beginning of the course, students guide a robot using simple commands in English:

Later, students learn how to use loops:

Soon, students are able to write advanced programs for the robot to navigate complex mazes:

Average completion time: 60 hours.

225 game-based levels, 25 quizzes, 25 projects.

Average student age: 14, minimum age: 6, maximum age: 85

More than 1M students in 60 countries have completed this course to-date.

Skills You Will Master

  • Computational thinking
  • Logic and problem solving
  • Clean and effective code writing
  • Counting (repeat) loop, nested loops
  • Conditional (if-else) statements
  • Conditional (while) loop
  • Defining and using custom commands
  • Using functions that return a value
  • Using local and global variables
  • Basic operations with Python lists
  • Designing recursive algorithms
  • Solving advanced problems
  • Running and debugging programs

Other Features

  • The course comes with a Lesson Plan, Pacing Guide, Solution Manual for Instructors, 300-page textbook, 25 quizzes, 25 coding projects, student journals, and other Instructor Resources.
  • NCLab provides a Karel Coding App where students can create their own projects and games, save them in their NCLab user account, and share with others online.
  • The course is aligned with Common Core Math Content and Practice Standards, Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), Crosscutting Concepts, Science & Engineering Practice (SEP) and Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCI) with an emphasis on Engineering Design, and CSTA/CS for All Computer Science Standards.

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