Workplace Math

Course Description

In this 40-hour interactive hands-on course trainees review basic applied math concepts which are applicable to the workplace, and get ready to successfully pass the ACT WorkKeys Applied Math exam. This exam is a nationally recognized certification which is viewed favorably by most employers. The course includes many WorkKeys practice problems and five realistic WorkKeys Applied Math exams.


There are no prerequisites for this course. A short 30-60 minute individual self-assessment is available to determine the value of this training.

Learning Outcomes

Trainees will be able to:

  • Work with fractions, mixed numbers, and decimal numbers
  • Calculate percentages and reverse percentages
  • Solve simple equations and systems
  • Translate word problems into equations
  • Work with averages, ratios, and proportions
  • Calculate simple and compound interest
  • Work with various units of time, mass, length, area, and volume
  • Translate between decimal and imperial units
  • Work with graphs and tables
  • Calculate with exponents and radicals
  • Calculate areas and perimeters of 2D objects
  • Calculate volumes and surfaces of 3D objects
  • Work with speed, time, and distance
  • Work with volume, density, and mass
  • Work with mass and volume concentrations
  • Successfully pass the WorkKeys Applied Math exam

Equipment Requirements

Computer, laptop or tablet with Internet access, web browser, and email.

Program Structure and Length

This training program is self-paced, and trainees practice each skill and concept as they go. Automatic feedback is built into the program for both practices and quizzes.

The training program is divided into two Units, and each Unit is composed of five Sections.

This table illustrates the program structure as units, sections, and levels.

Trainees need approximately 40 hands-on hours, based on their ability level, to complete this program. Since the program is self-paced, the completion time will vary from trainee to trainee. Trainees are responsible for learning both the tutorial content and the skills acquired through practice.