10-Year-Old CAD Experts

The NCLab Winter Camp on Robotics and 3D Modeling at the Discovery Museum in Reno lasted one week and kids were exposed to many different activities. They learned about various types of robots and where they are used, ethical and philosophical issues, designed robots on paper, and built 3D models from paper, wood, and plastic.

The NCLab 3D modeling course took 50% of the time and that’s where I was involved. We started with building simple models such as a box, ice cream cone, and water glass. Then the kids went on building their own rockets and robots. I was extremely happy to see how building 3D models helped the kids learn geometry like nothing. At the end of the Camp, they conversed in terms of 3D vectors, translations, rotations, scaling, and Boolean operations like pros. Few illustrative images from their projects are shown below.