Program Success Elements

  • Provide your clients a top 21st century career, inexpensively and in record time;
  • Make them experienced and job-ready and get them a high pay job as soon as they graduate;
  • Provide them individualized instructional support and coaching;
  • Get them an industry-recognized certification;
  • Practice-based hands-on exercises build their competency and confidence.


There are 40,000 high pay Data Analyst and 87,000 high pay Python Programmer job openings right now for people with the necessary skills and experience – If your clients would like to fill one of those, with our training in your product line, you can provide them both the necessary skills and experience in a relatively short time, at a very attractive price.

Interestingly, the average starting salary for the Data Analysts and Python Programmers that we train is considerably higher than the average starting salary of college graduates, even though the time that our trainees take to graduate and the cost of their training are dramatically less. Part of the huge difference in cost is the fact that NCLab trainees typically hold a job at the same time as they are doing their training, thereby being able to produce an income during their training.

Relevant Statistics For You To Consider

We’ve developed a chart below that contrasts our career training programs to a college degree. Your clients may find it very helpful in deciding which path to follow, going forward.

Comparing A College Degree To NCLab Careers

* Average College Graduate Starting Salary, provided by National Association of Colleges and Employers
** Average Data Analyst Starting Salary, provided by US Bureau of Labor Statistics
*** Average Python Programmer Starting Salary, provided by
**** America’s average overall cost of a Bachelor’s degree was $122,000 in 2021, provided by Admissionsly


College Degree


Data Analyst Career


Python Developer Career

Time to complete entire program 4 years As little as 4 months As little as 4 months
Starting Salary $55,260* $86,200** $96,125***
Cost of training $122,200**** $6,240 $6,240
Training can be done while holding a job No Yes Yes
Delivers experience that job openings require No Yes Yes
Preparation for industry-recognized certification No Yes Yes
Assistance in getting a job No Yes Yes
Consists of college-level courses Yes Yes Yes
Uses practice-based learning No Yes Yes
Includes one-on-one coaching No Yes Yes
Includes one-on-one instructional support No Yes Yes
Develops soft skills No Yes Yes
Start anytime, study anywhere No Yes Yes
Self-paced training avoids missed sessions No Yes Yes
Work harder and get done faster No Yes Yes

Our training doesn’t consist of a set of lengthy lectures followed by unguided work assignments, as is the case with other career training programs. Instead, our proprietary Artificial Intelligence-based training platform delivers trainees bite-sized knowledge that is immediately followed by hands-on exercises, during which it watches their every step, grading their exercises in realtime, and helping them with contextual information, hints, and templates, as needed. 

To ensure their success, your clients are also assigned instructional support and coaching personnel who:

  • Meet with them weekly to review their progress;
  • Are available to them, as needed, throughout their training;
  • Teach them soft skills that they will use throughout their working life.

Most of our trainees get hired immediately after successfully completing the training, or before they even complete it. 

Make your clients job-ready, at a time when employers’ demand for personnel far outstrips the supply.

We ensure that they will get great jobs when they finish their training by providing them:

  • The necessary experience to get the job;
  • An industry-recognized certification;
  • A professional portfolio of completed projects;
  • A professional reference, upon graduation;
  • Preparation for a successful job interview.

Trainees Love Our Hands-On Training

Trainees love our bite-sized training that is immediately followed by hands-on exercises, during which our AI-based teaching platform watches their every step, grading their exercises in realtime, and helping them with contextual information, hints, and templates, as needed. 


Who are NCLab Career Training Programs for?

These training programs are for people who are wanting to have a better life and are willing to put in the effort to do the required work to get there.

We have a powerful online self-assessment that helps them determine whether they are well-suited to become Data Analysts or Python Programmers, using our career training program.

While many Data Analyst and Python career training programs are targeted at individuals with a strong math background, prior programming experience, and/or a certain level of formal education, NCLab’s career training program are unique in the way their prerequisites are about trainees’ ability to learn, their motivation, and their willingness to work hard, rather than their prior knowledge. That is only possible because our training programs incorporate foundational training for people who need to start there, at no additional cost.