Collaboration Success Elements

  • Enhance your position in a rapidly changing education marketplace;
  • Prepare your students for high-demand Data Analyst and Python Programmer jobs;
  • Offer turnkey training programs mapped to industry-recognized certificates;
  • Increase revenues while doing so;
  • Provide working adults the opportunity to reskill and upskill.

NCLab Training Programs Make People 21st Century Job-Ready

Enhance or expand your current curriculum with NCLab’s turnkey industry-certificated career training programs that prepare students for 21st century jobs and careers.

These competency-based training programs are unique in the way they utilize an Artificial Intelligence-based instructional platform to deliver hands-on training that is supplemented by individualized coaching and instructional support, the result being graduates who are job-ready to fill high-demand jobs with large starting salaries. 

NCLab Collaboration Approaches

We use two primary collaboration approaches to make our turnkey training programs available to colleges and universities.

Approach 1 incorporates NCLab turnkey career training programs into your current Extended Studies offerings while letting NCLab perform the heavy lifting, which includes the coaching and instructional support of students.

Approach 2 has your instructors complete the training so that they are in a position to perform the coaching and instructional support of students.

NCLab Turnkey Career Training Programs

Following are short descriptions of NCLab’s career training programs.

“Data Analyst Career Training”

At a time when virtually all enterprises have now reached “data overload” and need Data Analysts to help them make sense of the massive amounts of data so that management can make better and faster decisions, NCLab’s Data Analyst Career Training program makes it possible for individuals to land high-pay Data Analyst jobs. 

Whether it be market research, sales figures, logistics, or transportation costs, every business collects data.

In as little 6 months, trainees become capable Data Analysts who take that data and convert it into information that helps you make more informed business decisions, such as how to price new materials, how to reduce transportation costs, or how to deal with issues that cost the enterprise money.

When trainees graduate, they are fully prepared to take Comptia’s DATA+ industry-recognized certification exam and have a professional portfolio to demonstrate their qualifications to potential employers.

Students who want to go further take a follow-on Advanced Data Analyst training program that makes them job-ready Python Data Analysts. This program includes an optional Introduction To Programming course for trainees who have no prior experience with computer programming, a Python Fundamentals course, a full complement of Python topics, and a Capstone Project.

“Python  Developer Career Training”

At a time when lists over 87,000 unfilled Python Programmer positions in the U.S., NCLab’s Python Developer career training program makes it possible for individuals to land high-pay Python Programmer jobs. 

Python is the most popular programming language for applications in Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Business, Finance, and other areas. Big players like Quora, Facebook, YouTube, SlideShare, Dropbox, Pinterest, Reddit, and Netflix have most of their new code written in Python.

In as little 6 months, trainees become capable Python Programmers who are fully prepared to take the Python Institute’s industry-recognized PCEP certification exam and have a professional portfolio to demonstrate their qualifications to potential employers.

Students who want to go further take the follow-on Advanced Python Developer Training. This training program includes object-oriented programming, event-driven programming, advanced topics in Python, and a PCAP Prep Course that prepares them for the Python Institute’s PCAP exam. 

“New Career On-Ramp Training”

This training program provides trainees the must-have skills to join the 21st century automation-related work environment, independent of the career they choose to pursue.

Hard skills include workplace math, working with data, programming of machines, and 3D spatial skills. Soft skills include professional communication, time management, critical and logical thinking, problem solving, perseverance, and adaptability, among others.

Trainees can complete this training in as little as 2 months. Upon completing the program, they have acquired the skills needed to be very effective 21st century automation-based workers and are ready to pass widely recognized certifications including NCRC (National Career Readiness Certificate) and TOSA.


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