Coding Club at McQueen HS Adopts NCLab

The coding club at the McQueen High School in Reno is run by an enthusiastic local teacher Carrie Hair, and currently it has about 12 students. Carrie is not an expert in computer programming or in 3D modeling, but she knows that these are really good skills her students should have. Therefore she is using the self-paced courses in NCLab. Amazingly, her students are strongly motivated in learning these subjects as well. Today, Carrie invited us to give a presentation.
We used the opportunity to ask the students why they are interested in computer programming. Some of them said they want to be a web developer or game designer, and some others said they were interested because they wanted to study engineering. One student wants to study statistics because he liked his AP statistics course. In return, we told the students something about the history of computer programming, about our own experiences with learning it, and about the best ways to learn it.
The students asked lots of questions and it was a great discussion. Then we went to the NCLab’s Hour of Code tutorial with Karel the Robot and the students LOVED it. And they made it under one hour. In the last 15 minutes or so, we used the NCLab Playground to show them quickly how to use Turtle Tina and 3 Modeling, which resulted into another wave of excitement. We are looking forward to keep working with you on your coding and 3D modeling skills!