Competency-Based Training* Is Transformational.


Competency-Based Training is where:

  • You learn everything that you need to know because you have to practice using each new concept to confirm your ability to apply it before going on to the next concept.
  • You go at your own speed, learning incrementally. As a result, you can go as fast as you are capable of going, knowing that you never miss important material.
  • When you get done, you know it all without the need for a final exam.


NCLab Competency-Based Training goes further — it’s where:

  • Your instructor is Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based and covers every subject, not just those that an in-person instructor chooses to or remembers to cover.
  • Your AI-based instructor helps you with each assignment, overseeing all of your work and helping you in real time with context-specific help, hints, and templates.
  • A personally assigned coach and instructional support person assist your AI-based teaching platform in overseeing, guiding, and helping you.

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*The Great Upheaval, by Arthur Levine and Scott Van Pelt describes how competency-based learning is reshaping traditional learning for the better.