Congratulations to our latest Karel Black Belt – Matthew Manwill

Anyone who has completed the Karel course will tell you that it takes perseverance to go all the way to the end.  Matthew Manwill, a 7th grade student at Pau Wa Lu Middle School in Gardnerville, Nevada, recently earned the highest course honor: a Black Belt of Second Degree.  His computer programming teacher, Claudia Bertolone-Smith, thinks he has amazing skills – and so do we!  Let’s hear from the master coder himself:

“My name is Matthew Manwill, and 4 months ago, I started working on NCLab. Since then, I’ve completed Karel by passing challenges and helping others do the same along the way. Currently, I am working on Turtle Tina, which teaches Python by creating designs that can be 3D modeled or printed. NCLab is a educational program, and I have learned much from it. The code templates were really helpful as I worked in NCLab.  The biggest challenge was programming to make random decisions.

Hopefully, this achievement follows me into my future, because, so far, I’m set on becoming a programmer. I am very interested in working in the field of robotics.  Developing increasingly sophisticated robots will be beneficial to mankind in the future.

I would like to recommend NCLab to others as well.”

Thanks, Matthew!  We are honored to be part of your journey.