Program Success Elements

  • We systematically assess people’s ability to learn and apply new knowledge;
  • Trainees perform hundreds of tutelaged mini projects to get the practical experience you expect them to have;
  • Individualized coaching and instructional support are provided throughout our training programs;
  • Trainees love our active learn-by-doing approach;
  • Open enrollment allows trainees to start anytime and go at their own pace;
  • We have an Employer Recruitment Portal that provides you access to our graduates.

NCLab Products Are All About Results.

Great results don’t just happen. We understand that we can only get the results we expect if we start with the right ingredients. In our case, as a training company, those ingredients are the people who are being accepted into our training programs. That effort is followed by very active hands-on work to get to the end product, which are people with valuable skills helping to make your enterprise more successful.

Our First Ingredient — Assessment.

We have a powerful Career Readiness Assessment that identifies people who are able to learn and apply new knowledge and have perseverance; it’s radically different from traditional assessments that measure existing knowledge without considering the attributes necessary for people to be able to grow. With the assessment, you can identify recruits and existing employees who have those right attributes.

Our Second Ingredient — AI-Based Skills Training.

We provide hard and soft skills training for people who you want to and are able to grow. Our training follows an unpaid apprenticeship model in giving trainees work experience, so that our graduates can hit the deck running.

We provide practice-based training in high-demand competencies which include Data Analytics, SQL, Python, and Automation Training.

We also provide full career training programs which include Automation Technicians, Data Analysts, and Python Programmers.

Our training is very different from traditional lecture-based training because it’s all active learning by doing, with the NCLab AI-based teaching platform providing bite-sized knowledge that is followed by large numbers of mini projects, during which the platform watches trainees’ every step and helps them in real time with contextual help, hints, and templates, as needed; and because learning is competency-based, trainees have to demonstrate that they have mastered each topic before going on to the next one.

At the same time as trainees are learning hard skills, they are also learning important soft skills, which include among others, the ability to problem solve, to pay attention to detail, to communicate effectively, to think critically, to use logic so as to make correct decisions, to plan ahead so as to do it right the first time, to persevere, to learn from failure, and to adapt to changing conditions.

Our trainees receive Individualized coaching throughout their training and they love this approach to learning because they are never alone and, as they progress, they have a feeling of accomplishment when they complete each of their mini projects.

 Skillls-Based Competencies And Individual Courses

The following NCLab practice-based courses are ideal for upskilling employees in your various departments. Combinations of the different courses lead to full competencies that include Data Analytics, Automation training, SQL training, Introduction to Programming, and Python Programming.

  • SQL Fundamentals
  • Advanced SQL
  • Workplace Math
  • Computational Literacy
  • Data Literacy
  • Data Visualization
  • Advanced Spreadsheets
  • Data Analysis
  • Introduction to Programming
  • Introduction to Python
  • Intermediate Python Topics
  • Visual Python
  • Introduction to AI
  • Introduction to CAD
  • Blueprint Reading
  • Linear Algebra

More Information

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