First NCLab Summer Camp in Minden

The first NCLab Summer Camp in Minden, NV takes place at the Minden Elementary School. It has 40 students. Although Minden is much smaller than Reno, the demand for the NCLab summer camp was equal or greater. We just opened one session this year though. For many of the kids this was not the first time they saw computer programming thanks to their outstanding teacher Holly Kuhlmann. As always, in the morning we did computer programming with Karel the Robot and after lunch 3D modeling with PLaSM. The students were extraordinarily dedicated. After some time I felt that they made too much progress for one day, and I suggested that they do the 20 Angry Birds exercises of the Hour of Code. But most of them returned to Karel quickly and continued beating the more difficult challenges. The 3D modeling part was a bit heavy for some of them, since several students did not even know what the radius of a sphere means. But they were amazingly persistent. Let’s see what tomorrow will bring, I expect to see amazing 3D projects! Below are some illustrative images: