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At NCLab, we offer Data Analytics and Python Programming career training programs. Our courses are online self-paced, practice-based, with verified learning so that upon completion, graduates qualify for entry level jobs in their respective career fields.

We help you to address the shortage of qualified STEM-oriented candidates in the marketplace that is caused by the dearth of qualified instructors and the fact that institutions can’t provide students the hands-on experience that employers expect.

Partner with NCLab to Increase Your Educational Offerings and Provide Students with STEM Career Paths

Employers will be able to recruit qualified STEM personnel locally. Having qualified candidates will lead local employers to invest and expand their business locally as they know they will have the talent they need.
Your offering NCLab courses will result in generating more high paying jobs locally. Local residents will enter the workforce with skills that offer better paying career opportunies.
Technical STEM skills are the number one talent need today. NCLab can help you provide existing workers the opportunity to enhance and expand their skills and hence their careers.
Adopting NCLab's proven best-in-class simple training tools will not only benefit your students careers but it will also reflect and enhance your institution's reputation.

Partnership Features That Guarantee Successful Results

NCLab provides all student support activities, using subject-matter experts.

NCLab provides all student support activities, using subject-matter experts.

All you are expected to do is put your seal of approval on the training, promote the availability of the training, provide student counseling, administer enrollment in the training, and provide students a certificate upon completion of the training.

NCLab provides a roadmap to put the program in place and to market it locally.

NCLab provides a roadmap to put the program in place and to market it locally.

There is no upfront cost to put the program in place and revenues are shared between your institution and NCLab.

NCLab Training Prepares Your Students for Jobs That Are Readily Available

Data Analytics

Data Analytics is a rapidly growing field where the demand for qualified candidates far outstrips the supply. Our Data Analytics Training Program prepares students to succeed in entry-level Data Analyst positions.

The Data Analytics training starts with learning SQL (Structured Query Language). SQL is used to insert, modify, and extract data from relational databases. Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) are used in virtually all industries and organizations to store data about employees, products, services, inventory, financial transactions, etc. The ability to communicate with a relational database is a must for any Data Analyst.

The sequence begins with SQL Fundamentals where students learn about data and databases, with emphasis on RDBMS. Students learn how a RDBMS works, how to make basic queries, use aggregate functions, create and manage tables, and how to use basic joins. This is the very minimum everybody should know about relational databases and SQL.

In a real company setting, RDBMS tend to be large, complex, and messy (they often contain damaged and/or incomplete data). To successfully handle such databases, we provide a follow-up Advanced SQL course. This course teaches students you how to use conditional expressions, work with text including search-and-replace operations, formulate subqueries and advanced joins, and how to use SQL functions.

The course sequence progresses to Predictive Data Analytics with Python which starts by covering a necessary minimum of the Python programming language for applications in Data Science. Then it teaches students how to use Python and its powerful free libraries including Pandas, Numpy, Scipy, Matplotlib, Seaborn, and Statsmodels to read data from files, clean data, present data in visual form, perform qualitative and quantitative analysis of data, interpret data, and make predictions.


Python is the most popular programming language for applications in Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Business, Finance, Engineering, and many other areas. Our Python Training Program prepares students to succeed in entry-level Python software developer positions.

The Python training has two tiers. Students with no prior programming experience begin with Introduction to Python. This course teaches basic concepts of Python such as loops, conditions, variables, functions and Python lists. This short and sweet course gives students the confidence they need to continue learning Python for practical applications.

For students who already are familiar with basic concepts of computer programming such as loops and conditions, and who are interested in learning Python in depth, we provide a full Python Programming course. This course teaches them how to use Python to solve problems of gradually increasing complexity, ranging from simple calculations, working with text strings, loops, conditions, and variables, to file operations, data visualization, and object-oriented programming.

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