Partnership Success Elements

  • Help employers get access to hard-to-find employees.
  • Help individuals get high-demand jobs.
  • Enrich the community you serve.
  • Profitably expand your career training footprint.

NCLab Career Training Programs Make Individuals Job-Ready For High-Paying Jobs, At a Time When Demand Far Outstrips Supply.

Currently, there are almost 100,000 unfilled Data Analyst and 20,000 unfilled Python Developer positions in the U.S., and the demand continues to grow rapidly. There are not enough job-ready individuals to fill these positions despite high salaries, the ability to work remotely, and other significant benefits.

We at NCLab have addressed this need by developing innovative self-paced Learn-By-Doing Career Training Programs which provide trainees with not only the knowledge, but also with the practical experience, competency, and confidence needed to qualify for Data Analyst and Python Developer job openings.

Can Your College or University Benefit From Partnering With NCLab? 

Absolutely! NCLab partner institutions make our proven and high-demand career training programs available to their communities. They enrich the communities they serve while delivering significant value to employers who are in need of qualified workers, as well as to individuals who want to improve their future and become Data Analysts or Python Developers. 

As background, our career certificate programs were commissioned by the Nevada Governor’s office to address the staffing needs of employers in Nevada and, after being validated during 2018 and 2019, are now offered at all Nevada community colleges, at the University of Nevada, and at colleges outside of Nevada.

NCLab Career Training Programs Are Not The Usual Online Courses.

Trainees learn best when they can do the work themselves, under the supervision of an expert, and that’s exactly how NCLab Career Training Programs work.

Trainees spend 100% of their learning time actively working their way through interactive course materials that consist of short bite-sized tutorials followed by lots of practice and self-assessment with instant feedback.

NCLab courses that have taken thousands of hours to create reside on top of a powerful proprietary AI-based e-learning platform that closely monitors and analyzes each trainee’s learning and provides sophisticated adaptive feedback. Trainees are not able to move on to the next topic until the e-learning platform determines that they have mastered the present one.

Trainees love our active approach to learning since it gives them both confidence that they know the material and a feeling of accomplishment.

If you are wondering whether your local employers have a need for Data Analysts that you could fill, simply input your zip code and we'll provide you a realtime count of available Data Analytics jobs within 50 miles of you.

Partnering With NCLab

When your college or university considers partnering with NCLab, it needs to make a decision about how the career training programs will be offered. 

The simplest approach requires no initial outlay and involves adding NCLab career training programs to your college’s non-academic Professional Development catalog and providing graduates with career certificates, while letting NCLab perform training functions that include candidate screening; enrollment; and ongoing oversight, guidance, and support.

A more intricate approach involves NCLab training your instructors so that they will oversee, guide, and support trainees. Among other things, you’ll need to decide whether the training will be for credit or not; whether it will be offered in a classroom or distance learning setting, or both; and whether enrollment will remain open at all times so that working adults can start their training when it best suits them.

We at NCLab accommodate both approaches and flavors of each approach that may come forward.

More About NCLab Career Training Programs

NCLab Data Analyst and Python Developer Career Training programs use an innovative and proven Learn-By-Doing training method to keep trainees engaged while providing them with the knowledge, practical experience, competency, and confidence needed to qualify for available jobs.

NCLab career training programs are unique in the way they provide trainees with the Practical Experience that they need to qualify for Data Analyst and Python Developer jobs. After all, well over 95% of all those job openings require Practical Experience

Instructional staff oversees and assists trainees throughout their training, and when trainees graduate, they have in hand a College Career Certificate and a professional portfolio to demonstrate their qualifications to potential employers.

NCLab programs are for both people who are employed and are looking to enhance their careers and for people who are looking for a new career in high-demand occupations.

The learning is completely self-paced and the training format allows trainees the flexibility to study as much or as little as their schedule allows — trainees set their own pace and finish on their own timeline.

Following are short descriptions of each program.

Data Analyst Career Training Program

Whether it be market research, sales figures, logistics, or transportation costs, every business collects data. Data Analysts take that data and figure out a variety of things, such as how to price new materials, how to reduce transportation costs, or how to deal with issues that cost the company moneyThey can translate numbers and data into plain English in order to help management make better business decisions.

This training program consists of 4 or 5 college-level courses, depending on whether or not trainees have prior programming experience. Each course must be completed within 6 months of its start date, but it can be completed much sooner if trainees work hard.

Click here for additional details.

Python  Developer Career Training Program

Python is the most popular programming language for applications in Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Business, Finance, and other areas. Big players like Quora, Facebook, YouTube, SlideShare, Dropbox, Pinterest, Reddit, and Netflix have most of their new code written in Python.

This training program consists of 3 or 4 college-level courses, depending on whether or not trainees have prior programming experience. Each course must be completed within 6 months of its start date.

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There Will Never Be a Better Time To Make Our Career Training Programs Available To Your Community.

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