Full STEAM Ahead, Issue 7 (June 2017)

We are excited to share the seventh issue of Full STEAM Ahead with lead articles by James P. Gee (Regents Professor and Fulton Presidential Chair of Literature Studies at the Arizona State University. Member of the National Academy of Education) and Tammy Westergard, Assistant Administrator of Library / Library Development Services, Nevada State Library, Archives and Public Records. Click on the image below to retrieve the full PDF file. As the school year is wrapping up, the NCLab Newsletter will pause for the next few months. Have a great Summer everyone!


  • Video Games Are Good For Learning (James P. Gee)
  • NClab in Public Libraries in Nevada (Tammy Westergard)
  • When Computers Wore Skirts (article from the history of computing)
  • Building Karel the Robot: Invaluable Learning Experience For Students (by David Riske, Western Nevada College)
  • Video Games and the Art of Failing Creatively (Kevin Fredericks, NCLab)
  • Tank, Octopus, And Submarine: 3D Models From Texas
  • Nevada Ready 21 Digital Summits – Wrapping Up Year 1
  • Congratulations to our Latest Karel Black Belt