NCLab empowers FutureCoders.us, a great coding initiative for kids at La Cañada Unified Schools in California.

“After participating in the Hour of Code project, we realized that there wasn’t a clear follow-on plan. Future Coders is that follow-on plan! We have selected NCLAB.com. The kids each get an account for the Karel (the robot) Black Belt course. These lessons are completely online and allow for the kids to work at their own pace AND to work from home as well. By the end of the Black Belt course, the kids are utilizing conditionals, looping techniques, variables, GPS coordinates and many other amazing (and fundamental) coding techniques. We had a wildly successful initial year at PCY with over 50 kids participating. It really is wonderful to watch them progress. Good stuff!”

– Jason Salit, La Cañada Unified Schools (parent)


Learn more about this great project by visiting their web page!


“Future Coders has been a wonderful experience for my 5th grade daughter. She is advancing her problem-solving skills and becoming well equipped for a world transformed by technology. Thank you for bringing computer science to PCY!”

-Jennifer Lidar

“My fourth grade son took the coding class at PCY and had a wonderful introduction to computer programming. It’s a class that he looked forward to every week. He continues to ask if he can work on some course levels at home.”

-Joe Kwan

“Future Coders quickly became my son’s favorite school-related activity. The challenges associated with learning coding for the first time quickly turned into a much-anticipated after-school activity thanks to the Karel program and the sense of cameraderie fostered by the parent-teachers. He is looking forward to continuing in sixth grade and beyond!”

-Benedict Chun