Computational On-Ramp Training Program

Learn 21st Century Automation-Based Job Skills. Be In Demand.

Automation is taking over manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, banking, retail, logistics, and many other areas by storm. Tasks that traditionally were done by people are now being done by computerized equipment, but machines require numerous forms of human assistance to do work.

This training provides you computational, data, and math skills needed to join the 21st century work environment, independent of the career path you choose to follow. After all, automation is everywhere and computational, data, and math skills are considered must-haves by employers.

Upon completing this training, you’ll have acquired the mindset and skills needed to successfully deal with automation and have new soft skills that will serve you well throughout your working life.

If you have the ability to learn and a desire to grow, this training is for you, independent of your level of formal education.

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