Program Success Elements

  • Get the WORK EXPERIENCE that employers expect new hires to have;
  • You're never left alone when doing work -- our AI-based teaching platform is there throughout your training, helping you in realtime;
  • Receive weekly personal career coaching throughout your training;
  • Acquire soft skills that are foundational to a professional career;
  • Be ready to take the CompTIA's Data+ industry-recognized professional certification in as little as 4 months;
  • Study anywhere, any time -- never miss training sessions because of family and work responsibilities.

QUALIFY FOR HIGH-PAY DATA ANALYST JOB OPENINGS when you complete our training.

We are unique in the Data Analyst career training field in having spent tens of thousands of hours crafting gamified LEARN-BY-DOING training that provides you with the WORK EXPERIENCE that close to 100% of Data Analyst job openings expect you to have.

We use AI practice-based training that closely parallels an unpaid apprenticeship, in which you complete hundreds of mini projects under the realtime tutelage of our AI-based teaching platform. As a result, you can show employers that you have the WORK EXPERIENCE that they require when you're interviewing for a job.

Other Data Analyst career training companies can't provide you equivalent WORK EXPERIENCE as part of their training because they have neither the crafted learn-by-doing courseware nor the AI-based teaching platform that we have.

Get A Great Job

We ensure that you will get a great job when you finish your training by providing you:

  • The necessary WORK EXPERIENCE to meet job opening requirements;
  • An impressive portfolio of completed projects;
  • An industry-recognized professional certification;
  • A Idaho State University Data Analyst Career Certificate;
  • Professional soft skills that employers expect you to have;
  • A recruitment portal that employers use to get access to you when you graduate.

Most of our trainees get hired as Data Analysts immediately after successfully completing the training, or before they even complete it. So will you.

Our Trainees Love To Learn By Doing

The combination of our Career Readiness Assessment which confirms that you are a fit for our training, hundreds of tutelaged mini projects, and our weekly personal coaching sessions produce a close to 100% completion rate compared to an industry average of less than 20%.

Click here if you'd like to better understand how our training approach is very different from all other Data Analyst training programs.


What is the job market for Data Analysts?

Virtually all enterprises have now reached “data overload” and need Data Analysts to help them make sense of the massive amounts of data so that management can make better and faster decisions. Interestingly,, a well known job site, lists over 40,000 Data Analyst jobs, of which over 8,000 Data Analyst jobs allow you to work in place, independent of where you live.

What happens when I complete the training?

Upon successful completion of the training, you'll have the knowledge, WORK EXPERIENCE, competency, and confidence to get a great job as a Data Analyst. You'll have a professional portfolio to demonstrate your qualifications and you'll have acquired the soft skills that make you a true professional.

You'll have a Data Analyst Career Certificate and you'll be fully prepared to take the CompTIA’s DATA+ industry-recognized professional certification because our practice-based training makes you actually make use of every skill that you need to be job-ready Data Analyst.

Finally, employers who understand the value of our training have queued up in our Employer Recruitment Portal to get priority access to our graduates; they'll want to take a close look at you.

How can I experience NCLab's learn-by-doing method of training?

Click here to see how NCLab's AI-based teaching platform is with you throughout your training, helping you do mini projects in realtime and providing you a feeling of accomplishment as you complete each mini project.

Could I successfully complete this training?

To learn whether you are a natural to become a high-pay Data Analyst using this career training program, click here to learn about our free Career Readiness Assessment. People who successfully complete it and enroll have a close to 100% completion rate.

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