Karel Coding in NCLab – Infinite Playground for Stories, Mazes and Games

The Karel Coding app in NCLab looks and feels differently from the traditional Karel. In the original version, Karel moves in a Cartesian system of vertical and horizontal streets, between small square “houses”, and the only object he can collect are beepers. Karel is an arrow, and the beepers are not displayed, just a number is present at an intersection if there is one or multiple beepers.

In contrast to that, the Karel app in NCLab provides over 30 different thematic backgrounds (mines, garden, ZOO, library, mountains, ocean, …) and a plentitude of collectible objects,

containers to put the objects into,

and obstacles to avoid,

This creates an almost infinite playground for mazes, stories and games!

The database of Karel’s maze tools is growing based on the needs and suggestions of the users. Are you missing an object, obstacle or theme in Karel the Robot in NCLab? Let us know! One of the latest additions is a plain white background and object “beeper”: