Letter to a Student

Hi Johnathan!

Your work on the iPhone model inspired me to make some changes in the 3D modeling language, to facilitate the creation of objects with rounded corners and edges. The commands SQUARE, RECTANGLE, CUBE and BRICK have a new optional argument to round corners and/or edges with a given radius. Now the base of your phone can be created easily in two lines as follows:

b = RECTANGLE(3, 6, 0.2) base = PRISM(b, 0.2)

Here is how other commands work:

s = SQUARE(1, 0.1) 

creates a unit square with round corners of radius 0.1.

c = CUBE(4, 1)

creates a 4x4x4 cube whose edges are rounded with
radius 1, and

b = BRICK(3, 2, 1, 0.3)

creates a 3x2x1 brick (rectangular prism) with round edges
of radius 0.3.

Your iPhone is awesome, click on the image to view a full 3D model.

Keep up the great work!