More Teacher Training

On May 28 – 31 we (Pavel and Ed) spent another four days in beautiful East Nevada towns Ely, Eureka and Lund, training K-12 teachers in computer programming and 3D modeling with NCLab. Nine workshops in three days marked a new record on our list. This trip was organized with great care by the Superintendent of the White Pine County School District (WPCSD) Mr. Bob Dolezal who traveled with us all the time. WPCSD is our first partner school district. It has a full spectrum of K-12 schools including the special Steptoe Valley High School (SVHS) for kids who need more space for individual development. Mr. Dolezal witnessed extremely excited response of kids at Norman ES to 3D CAD design, as well as an overwhelming response of SVHS kids to computer programming with Karel the Robot. “The kids are getting it faster than teachers” he said. “And you guys could keep the attention of Steptoe kids for 90 minutes – that is unbelievable.”. He arranged a presentation of NCLab to the Board of Trustees of the WPCSD who were genuinely impressed. Teachers in Eureka decided spontaneously to purchase 30 Chromebooks to run NCLab and teach their kids computer programming and 3D CAD design. They will be sending a group of teachers to Reno for training. One of them said: “Many people come to Eureka offering stuff but NCLab has a real value.”. We are looking forward to working with Eureka teachers. In addition to presenting NCLab, we had time to visit the Ely prison where Mr. Dolezal’s son works as a correctional officer, the famous Jailhouse Steakhouse in Ely where every table is located inside a prison cell, as well as some great natural wonders in the area. For those who do not know – East Nevada features the Great Basin National Park with beautiful mountains, lakes, and caves. The picture below shows Mt Wheeler (elevation 13,065 feet – 3,982 m), the second highest peak of Nevada.