NCLab 0.9 released

We are pleased to announce that NCLab 0.9 was released! Most changes that we made will facilitate further expansion of NCLab and they are invisible to the user. But there are also quite a few that you will notice. NCLab’s browser-based file system was completely redesigned and several new services and features were added. Here is an overview of the most important changes:

  • Transition to HTML 5 was completed. Among other benefits, this opens the door to working with CAD models in Internet Explorer and on tablets (to be implemented in next release).
  • File manager was completely redesigned. Trash was added so that deleted files are no longer lost forever. Files now display icons of associated applications.
  • Octave installation was completed – NCLab now provides one of the most complete installations of Octave and its modules. Octave now displays plots in separate windows. Octave projects can have multiple files.
  • New module for Graph Theory was added. It is based on the NetworkX library developed in the Los Alamos National Laboratory. It comes with many examples ranging from simple to complex.
  • It is now possible to upload PDF files and view them using a new built-in PDF Viewer. This opens the door to the completion of the LaTeX module (to be added in next release).
  • Starting with Basic Plan, users can now access their NCLab files from the outside. Let’s say that your NCLab username is “jamesbond” and you have file “walter.pdf” in folder “armory”. Then you can access it via the link “”.
  • Every Karel the Robot worksheet can now have multiple mazes. This makes it possible to check whether programs are written in a sufficiently general way.
  • Search in public projects was substantially improved.
  • Notepad was added.