NCLab @ Fernley Intermediate School STEM Day, April 12, 2017

Nearly 300 6th graders jumped into coding with NCLab’s Turtle Tina as part of the Fernley Intermediate School STEM Day, April 12, 2017.  LIke other turtles, Tina draws lines based on coding, in this case, using the Python language.  We used the default program in the Free Portal as our starting point.  Anyone can try this!  Go to NCLab’s Free Portal, and open the Turtle App.  The default code defines line width, color, and height, and runs a nested loop that creates a polygon, and then repeats it to form a pattern.  Students played with the parameters to come up with a dazzling array of drawings. Here is the default, which produces a mosaic made of six hexagons.


And here are some of the experiments:

Can math and Python make art? You bet! Every design was different. Some groups even had time to learn the magic of RGB codes to make nearly 17 million colors. I think we can safely say that it was fun! Thank you Fernley Intermediate School for inviting NCLab to STEM Day!