NCLab in Public Libraries in Nevada

by Tammy Westergard, Assistant Administrator of Library / Library Development Services, Nevada State Library, Archives and Public Records

Every day changes and advancements in technology, accelerates what it takes to live day to day. Everyday learning in the 21st century means level up or be left behind. This is the stark reality. Fortunately, within Nevada’s Everyman’s University System (also known as our public libraries) NCLab is there to explain, demonstrate and inspire. Through their exceptionally designed online learning system, anchored with sound teaching methods and learning design, Nevadans are developing coding skills and abilities essential in today’s workplace. Nevadans are learning at the library how to combine building and problem-solving. This talent will allow them to work, earn a living wage and find purpose in creating tomorrow’s digital tools and solutions necessary to address challenges we can’t even see today.

J.D. Salinger said, “You can’t stop a teacher when they want to do something. They just do it.” This fundamentally describes the NCLab teaching team. And their success in Nevada libraries is the prime example. People of many, many different ages and circumstances are learning a vital 21st century literacy: coding. And putting the skill to work for them. The Nevada State Library is honored to have engaged NCLab on behalf of every Nevadan who seeks opportunity through education and needs the library to help them get there. Nevada will continue to deploy the NCLab tool in the coming years and provide exciting, challenging hands-on computer science education that is the NCLab experience. This model is only the beginning for all Americans. Our libraries are the great equalizer to make us job-ready on day one.