NCLab on an Android Phone

Today I [Pavel] bought my first Android phone! I have been planning for some time to upgrade my super old iPhone because I needed an ssh client. Today a nice special ($560 -> $99) decided that my next phone will be a Samsung Galaxy SIII. BTW the offer at BestBuy lasts till 04/11/13. As a first thing after installing an ssh client I tried NCLab. The experience was not 100% perfect but a whole lot better than a year ago. The attached screenshots show the desktop, CAD demo, and GNU Octave demo. Typing is obviously cumbersome because of the small display, and there are some issues with scrolling, but otherwise it is not bad. WebGL works fine. To make the CAD module usable, we need to add buttons for rotation, translation, and zooming which is fairly easy. We can make these buttons only appear on mobile devices.