NCLab Summer Camps 2014 Started

Today, we had the privilege to work with 50 gifted kids from Nevada – mostly from the Reno area but some of them came from Minden (2 hours from Reno), Hawthorne (3 hours), and even Eureka (7 hours). The youngest participant is 6 years old, and the oldest one is 16. For starters we did few of the Hour of Code tutorials, but then we started programming with Karel the Robot, and after lunch we explored 3D modeling with the Python library PLaSM. Some kids made unbelievable progress today, and we can’t wait with what they will surprise us tomorrow!

And, we were so glad to have some of our last year’s participants visit this year’s summer camp! One of them, Dhruv, actually stayed the entire time and was helping younger kids during their first programming course.

Tomorrow’s highlight, of course, is the visit of the creator of the Karel programming language Prof. Richard Pattis!