NCLab Version 0.9.5 Is Coming!

We are excited to announce that NCLab will be upgraded to Version 0.9.5 in a few days! The new version will bring many deep structural changes invisible to the user, but also major improvements in various modules that you will notice. Starting with K-12, the most popular module Karel the Robot is getting a professional graphic design:


The language will be enhanced with a new element called “tray” (green circle in the above screenshot). Trays make it possible to define new type of game goals such as “collect a gem from square A and drop it in square B”. Karel textbook is getting a revision and plenty of new exercises.
All modules that produce graphics output will either send the output to the worksheet (current state) or to a separate output window. The user will be able to make his/her choice in Settings. In particular, PLaSM is getting a major improvement of the 3D visualization widget:

LaTeX is getting new modules that will make it easier for the users to create various types of documents:

Last but not least, the main web page of NCLab ( is getting tabs that will split modules into “K-12” and “Advanced”. This will make the site friendlier to K-12 teachers who form a majority of NCLab users:

Please be patient, we are working hard to finalize these changes!
Your NCLab Team