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NCLab helps colleges and universities to profitably offer best-in-class career training for some of the most in-demand jobs today.

The world's #1 best-in-class Data Analyst and Python Programmer career training Programs for colleges and universities

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Offer Advanced Career Training

NCLab provides a new way for colleges and universities to attract and retain non-traditional enrollees.

Offer high-demand Data Analyst and Python Programmer career training programs on the world’s most advanced learn-by-doing training platform. NCLab training programs are self-paced, hands-on and have been proven to enhance learning and heighten engagement while producing job-ready graduates.

All at no upfront cost to you.

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Increase Enrollment And Revenue

It takes little time and no dollar outlay to offer NCLab programs, at a time when students are flocking to our partner colleges and universities for our quality training.

Offer Advanced Career Training

Our AI-based, learn-by-doing platform is best-in-class and it tutors, guides, and assists trainees throughout the programs. Instructional staff oversees the training and assists trainees, as needed.

Stay Ahead Of Your Online Competition

Leverage your offer of an official college certificate and our hands-on training to win against competitive offerings.

Enrich The Community You Serve

46,000 positions for Data Analysts and Python Developers are unfilled in the U.S. —  Provide your local businesses the job-ready candidates they need.      

NCLab was commissioned by the state of Nevada to address growing staffing needs for qualified technology workers. The resulting programs are now offered at all Nevada community colleges, at the University of Nevada, Reno, and at colleges and universities outside of Nevada.

Data Analytics and Python Development are two of the fastest-growing and most competitive job markets in the U.S. today. Offer your community the opportunity to pursue training that is optimized and proven to produce job-ready candidates for advanced technical careers.


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