PF 2014

Dear NCLab users:

Thank you for your support in the last year, and on behalf of the NCLab Team I wish you much success and prosperity in the New Year 2014.

NCLab’s self-paced online computer programming and 3D modeling courses are now being used at 50+ schools in 11 Nevada school districts, at NCLab programming clubs, and at the Discovery Museum in Reno. The DM will establish an interactive NCLab station in Spring 2014. The unbelievably easy access to computer programming and 3D modeling in NCLab keeps enthusing adults and kids alike. Our goal for 2014 is to reach 500+ schools in all Nevada school districts. Feel free to connect us with your schools if they are not teaching computer programming or 3D modeling yet. This is extremely easy to do with NCLab. Most teachers who are currently teaching the self-paced courses are females with no prior background in these areas, yet they feel comfortable. After they receive basic training from us, the rest they learn by assisting their students.
Looking forward to working with your teachers in 2014,
Pavel Solin
Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Nevada, Reno