Application Process Overview


Welcome! You’ve come to the right place to create a better future for yourself and your family.

We have all the ingredients that you need to get you there; those include proven training materials that have taken tens of thousands of hours to perfect and a powerful artificial intelligence-based instructional platform that delivers those materials to you in a self-paced fashion to fit your existing work and family commitments. A personal tutor is also there to help you in your journey.

When you graduate, you will have acquired automation-related skills that are in very short supply and that employers are universally placing great value on.

All that you need to add to our ingredients is your commitment, perseverance, and hard work; and together, we’ll get you across the finish line.

Application Process Details

Applying for admission to our Computational LiteracyTraining Program is a simple three step process:

  • Schedule a 30 minute phone interview to get all your questions answered.
  • Take a free 2-hour self-assessment to determine if this training program is right for you.
  • Meet your personal tutor who will conduct a detailed interview to learn about your background, aspirations, and work habits and develop a personalized learning plan.

Please understand that you are free to terminate this process at any point if it's not right for you.

It's Your Move Next!