Details Of The SANDI Intake Assessment Process


The intake assessment process consists of two steps: 

  • An online assessment
  • A short assessment interview


Following is a description of each of the steps:


Step 1 —  The SANDI Online Assessment


The SANDI Online Assessment measures your clients’ aptitude and work habits, to help point them in the right direction.


All your clients need to take the SANDI Online Assessment is a computer, an internet connection, and a browser. That means that they can do it in their own home, when time permits. 


This SANDI Online Assessment takes up to a couple of hours to complete. Clients can do the work in multiple sessions, if they need to. Their work will be saved between sessions. 


Clients are asked to work on the assessment independently. The purpose of the assessment is to identify the best path for them and that can only be done if they do the assessment on their own. Part of the follow up phone interview will be related to their personal experience with the SANDI Online Assessment.


Step 2 — A Short Assessment Interview


Once your clients have completed the SANDI Online Assessment, they will need to partake in an assessment interview done by NCLab.


The interview will be only 10 to 15 minutes. It will complete the profile of the applicant and will allow NCLab to confidently comment on each applicant.