Pricing And Payment Program


Below is a list of institutions that currently offer NCLab’s Python Developer Career Training program as a self-paced online career certificate program.  

In each case, the tuition fee includes all training materials and instructional assistance.

A 12-month payment plan is available at some of the institutions.

All of the institutions welcome both domestic and international applicants.


Bay College
$1,895 or twelve $167 payments

College of Southern Nevada

Great Basin College
$1,995 or twelve $175 payments

Kellogg Community College
$1,795 or twelve $158 payments

University of Nevada


To make it as  risk free as possible, each college provides you a full tuition refund if, within 30 days of enrollment, you determine that the training is not right for you. ** College of Southern Nevada is the exception with a 14-day full tuition refund.

What do I get for my tuition fee?

The short answer is that you get an official College career certificate and the knowledge, practical experience, competency, and confidence to qualify for high-paying Python Developer jobs. No other Python Developer career training program that we are aware of can make that claim.

The longer answer is that:

  • It covers courses that have been meticulously built and updated at a cost of over a quarter of a million dollars each.
  • It covers the constant improvement of those courses because trainees like you provide feedback that goes into NCLab’s continuous quality improvement process.
  • It covers the development of the Artificial Intelligence-based training platform that has taken years and millions of dollars to develop.
  • It covers the cost of individual guidance and support that are provided throughout your training. 
  • It covers the cost of the cloud where all the training happens. All that you need is a browser to do all of your learning.
  • It covers the cost of working with employers and placement agencies to get you a great job upon graduation.