Photos from Computer Programming and 3D Modeling Camp at Peavine ES in Reno

Our team enjoys doing camps at K-12 schools. Of course, camps that take place at the University tend to have a more prestigious appearance. But as a matter of fact, many K-12 students do not feel all that comfortable in a huge computer lab, in the giant hallways, and the place simply does not feel like home. On the other hand, in a K-12 school students get comfortable quickly, there is a lunch room, and there is a PLAYGROUND.

In short, the camp at Peavine ES was awesome, or maybe awesome squared or awesome cubed. Many thanks to the Principal Alan Holmes for his visionary leadership and enthusiastic support of computer programming and 3D modeling at his school. Below are sample photos, I think that they speak for themselves. And, girls ROCKED AGAIN – including 10-12 year old programmers, a fearless computer programmer grandma, and of course our 13-year old star instructor Isabel.