PLaSM Language Change

While improving the NCLab’s self-paced 3D Modeling course, we decided to change the order of arguments in the ROTATE (R) command in PLaSM. This change is not backward compatible but adjustments are easy to make. Previously, the order of the arguments was:
R(object, axis, angle)
After the change, the last two are switched:
R(object, angle, axis)
What is the advantage? The new format allows users to skip the axis in 2D where it is irrelevant (rotation always is about the z-axis in 2D):
R(object, angle)
If the axis is left out in 3D, then the z-axis is used by default as well. The extension from 2D to 3D is now more natural. The 3D modeling textbook, all course projects and solutions, examples, demo scripts, and help documents have been updated. We are moving on!