We at NCLab are looking for individuals with the right aptitude and commitment to offer our Python Developer career training to because we want every graduate to be a very successful Python Programmer. Having said that, our self-assessment is relatively easy for individuals who are naturals to become Python Programmers. 

When you successfully complete the assessment,  you will have shown that you have what it takes to become a Python Developer; you will have learned how our training is done and that it suits you; you will be able to download and print an Python Developer Self-Assessment Certificate for your records; and you’ll be presented with a calendar with available time slots when you can meet with our Client Relations Manager to discuss next steps. 

So, let’s get started. The assessment takes some two hours. Don’t panic if you can’t complete the assessment in one session; all you need to do to continue where you left off is open a browser window and input www.nclab.com. Click on the LOGIN on the top menu bar and input your login (i.e. your email address) and password. Note: If you’ve forgotten your password, NCLab will provide you a new one through email.

Steps To Do The Python Developer Self-Assessment

NOTE: Please leave this window open as you’ll need to return to it after you complete each step to get the directions for the subsequent step.

Following are the steps you’ll need to perform to start your online assessment:

  1. Click here to open a new browser window and create an NCLab account. NCLab will send you an email confirming the establishment of your account and a link to the NCLab desktop.
  2. Go to your email inbox, open the message NCLab sent you, and click on the link. It will take you to the NCLab desktop that includes a messaging icon at the bottom of the page, should you need help from now on.
  3. On the desktop, click Settings in the left column menu to activate the Settings window, then click Student in the top menu bar of the new Settings window and enter the code dhfe7
  4. The Samplers and Minicourses icon will appear on your desktop. Click on it to be presented with both Minicourse Introduction to Programming and Sampler Python icons. 
  5. If you don’t have programming experience, click on Minicourse Introduction to Programming . This assessment is a subset of our 80-hour Introduction To Programming course and, while it may appear elementary at first glance, it quickly becomes challenging. 
  6. If, on the other hand, you already know another programming language and you are interested in learning Python, click on Sampler Python. This assessment contains elements of our Python Fundamentals and Advanced Python courses, and it gives a flavor for our training approach. 
  7. Please complete all ten levels. This assessment includes the tutorials and practice you need to successfully complete each level.
  8. Please work on this assessment alone. The purpose of the assessment is to confirm you are a natural to become a Python Programmer, and that can only be done if you do the assessment on your own.