Summer Camp 2013

Download NCLab Summer Camp 2013 Booklet!
The first NCLab Summer Camp was a breathtaking experience, both for the kids and the NCLab Team! The 50-seat computer classroom was packed by kids of ages between 6 and 16 years. We have never seen anyone eat their lunch that quickly in order to get back to their projects. The kids were even hesitant to log out of NCLab at 3 pm when parents were already waiting outside.

Amazing 3D Creations

The kids have until Sunday to submit their final designs and Karel games for the NCLab Summer Camp Booklet. We find unbelievable what the kids can do when their creativity is unleashed. Below are a few previews: Enjoy!


Amazing Programs I – Karel Cleans Up by Cora Douglas

In this game, your task is to write a program for Karel to walk through the maze, move all gems to the trays, and enter the home square.

Karel Cleans Up by Cora Douglas


And here is the solution!

Amazing Programs II – Dinosaur Pyramid by Nanami Duncan



The code is a bit lengthy so to view it, click here.

Amazing Programs III – Interactive Guessing Game by Yatin Chandar

This is an interactive game written in Python that lets the user guess a random number between 0 and 99 that the computer has chosen: